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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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Adhesives Research Develops 2 Conductive Adhesives

Glen Rock, PA — Adhesives Research has developed two new electrically conductive adhesives: ARclad® 92262 and ARclad 92264 for use in personal communication devices and other electronics applications that require highly reliable conductivity. ARclad 92262 is a 1.8-mil (0.045mm) conductive acrylic adhesive ...
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Bud Intros Rack-Mount Cabinets

Cleveland, OH — Bud Industries, Inc. is introducing new upright cabinet racks that deliver all the features associated with high-end 19-in. rack-mounting products, called the Budrack Professional Series and the Server Rack Professional Series. EIA 310 compliant for 19-in. mount equipment, the new cabinet ...
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Christopher Assoc.: Low Cost Koki Dross Recovery

Santa Ana, CA) — Christopher Associates is introducing the KDS-101 benchtop solder dross recovery system from Koki Tec Corporation, Saitama, Japan. The new system reportedly offers a safe, simple and inexpensive method to recover purified solder from dross in all soldering operations, but especially ...
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Danaher Motion Expands Performance Services

Santa Barbara, CA — Danaher Motion is introducing the expansion of its comprehensive Motion Engineering Performance Services for OEMs using embedded motion control. Available as a comprehensive suite of solutions, or on an a la carte basis, Motion Engineering Performance Services are available as customer ...
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Daylight Intros Improved Magnifying Lamps

Denver, CO — Daylight has launched two technologically advanced and high quality magnifying lamps created specifically for the professional market: the circular Ultra Slim and the rectangular Deluxe Magnifying Lamps. Designed to create optimum lighting conditions for individual needs, the new products ...
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Double Layer ESD Rubber Mats from Topline

Garden Grove, CA — TopLine has introduced double-layer ESD rubber mats that are designed to cover tables, benches and shelves. The double layer structure consists of an upper static dissipative layer and a conductive bottom layer, providing the right combination for Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPA ...
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DuPont Intros Metalization Paste for Solar Cells

Bristol, UK — DuPont Microcircuit Materials (MCM), part of DuPont Electronic Technologies, has introduced DuPont Solamet® PV159 thick-film metallization paste for frontside photovoltaic (PV) solar cell metallization. This new advanced material has outperformed competitive metallization pastes in ...
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ECD Intros Thermal Profiler

Milwaukie, OR — ECD has introduced a new thermal profiling product called the V-M.O.L.E.® that is designed to complement both board profilers such as the 20-channel MEGAM.O.L.E.®20 and the industry standard SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold, and oven profilers such as OvenRIDER®, and OvenWatch® ...
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Flex Circuit Jumpers from Samtec

New Albany, IN — Newly introduced by Samtec are standard flex data links TCDL2 and FFDL2 Series. These Flex Circuit Data Links offer a choice of 0.050-in. (1.27mm) and 2mm pitch, single-ended or differential pair signal routing, and a variety of end assembly options. The versatility of these flex circuits ...
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Fujipoly Reintroduces Hi Perf Thermal Gel

Carteret, NJ — Revitalized interest in super-high performance, thermal interface gel compounds has prompted Fujipoly America to manufacture and restock its once discontinued, Sarcon® XR-e material. This advanced silicone-based TIM (Thermal Interface Material) provides a thermal conductivity of 11 watt ...
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Goepel: Boundary Scan Adds Flash Tools

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic is introducing a new generation of intelligent tools for flexible in-system Flash programming (ISP) within the Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON. The new automated tool suite supports discrete Flash components, the universal programming of micro controllers (MCU ...Read More
Hesse & Knipps: Wire Bonder for Solar Market

San Jose, CA — Hesse & Knipps is introducing a new wire bonder dedicated to the needs of the solar market in producing CPV (concentrated photovoltaic) cells. The new BondJet 820 CPV will offer all of the advanced features of the company's Bondjet BJ 820 wedge bonder, in addition to an extended table travel of 900 ...Read More
IIT Intros Desktop Prototyping Tool

Post Falls, ID — Integrated Ideas & Technologies, Inc. has unveiled a new prototype assembly tool that allows manufacturers to assemble double sided surface mount assemblies, right at their desk. The new AssemblyPro Fixture was developed in response to a need for prototype assembly of double-sided surface mount ...Read More
Isolated Pressure Instrumentation from Ashcroft

Stratford, CT — Ashcroft® pressure instruments can be configured with media isolators specifically engineered for harsh or corrosive process liquids and gases. Whether the measuring device is a dial gauge, switch, digital gauge or transmitter, the company makes a diaphragm seal or other isolation device ...
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Jovy Rework System from AV Repair

Old Town, FL — AV Repair has inked an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with Jovy Systems, manufacturer of the RE-7500 BGA rework system. Jovy's rework system is a nozzle-free unit that utilizes German infrared technology that, unlike many IR systems, does not require a heat lamp to rework and reflow all BGA ...Read More
Light-Guided Connector Assembly from CAMI

Acton, MA — CAMI Research is introducing a new, patented computer-assisted technique for assembling circular connectors used in aerospace and other high-reliability applications. The "Light Director" system uses light fibers driven by super-bright LED lamps to individually illuminate target cavities ...
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Manncorp: Automatic PC Board Cleaners

Willow Grove, PA — Manncorp's fully automatic Trident PC board cleaning systems effectively remove all flux and solder paste residues from post-reflowed circuit assemblies. Flux types cleaned include rosin, water soluble and all no-cleans, both RMA and lead-free. The system's exclusive "focus-wash" technology ...
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Mixpac Now Offers Custom Ratios

Salem, NH — Mixpac Equipment Inc. can now provide custom ratios for its DX dispensing system. Custom ratios provide customers with a more versatile solution for two-component material dispensing. The DX System includes a mobile hand-held dispenser with a DXR refill station, offering the ability to dispense ...
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Momentive Intros Clear Silicone Products

Albany,NY — Momentive Performance Materials today introduced the breakthrough LSR7000 series, a family of highly transparent liquid silicone rubbers (LSR). Combining typically 98 percent transparency with the unique processing and productivity advantages of an addition-cured, platinum-catalyzed LSR, the LSR7000 ...Read More
Muehlbauer: Contactless UHF Chip Encoding

Roding, Germany — Muehlbauer now provides an innovative contactless UHF chip encoding technology, available for virtually all card personalization solutions. Using the company's system, UHF chips can be read out from greater distances than standard chips under ISO 14443/15693 specs. This is especially suitable ...Read More
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