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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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DSI Intros Spectral Metal for UV Applications
High-performance spectral metal.
Santa Rosa, CA — Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI) has introduced a new product in its Spectral Metal hybrid coating family, the UV Spectral Metal. Developed for ultraviolet (UV) curing and UV printing industries, the highly durable, advanced dichroic metal coating is used as the reflector behind the curing lamp. It is specially designed to maximize the curing wavelengths between 220 and 400nm.

The coating minimizes the rest of the visible and infrared (IR) spectrum from 450 to 2200nm. The UV Spectral Metal is coated onto highly polished, standard size aluminum sheets. The sheets are then cut and formed to specific sizes and shapes per customer requirements.

Mounting features such as slots, screw holes and tabs can be formed into the mirror after coating. The cut mirrors can be further customized and formed into precise curves and cylinders with radii as small as 25mm. These features can significantly reduce the complexity and cost of assembly into the finished product. With the ability to customize and fabricate products after coating, long trough reflectors for inline exposure systems (e.g. UV curing tasks) can be easily created using multiple lengths of the UV Spectral Metal. These spectrally-selective coated metal lengths are placed into a frame to hold their shape and are then fabricated into reflectors that are several meters long.

The company's proprietary MicroDyn® sputtering technology reportedly yields high performance UV Spectral Metal. This highly durable and uniform coating is extremely stable over temperature and humidity changes, making it suitable for applications that require robust and long-lasting spectral metal coatings.

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