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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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HDI Conference to Help Competitive Edge
Bannockburn, IL — The use of high density interconnects (HDI) in North America has lagged behind the rest of the world. To help North American PCB companies increase their competitive advantage, IPC is ofering a three-day HDI Technology Conference: "Building the Supply Chain Infrastructure," October 6-8, 2008 at the Wyndham DFW Airport North, Irving (Dallas), TX.

Led by a team of industry experts, the conference will lay the groundwork for competing in the growing HDI market, addressing HDI technology as it relates to all aspects of the supply chain — from design through assembly — with an emphasis on reliability and endurance. On October 6, instructors will dedicate a full day to cover key areas for those interested in the technology.

Key design recommendations will be shared with engineers who want to know what HDI can do for their next printed circuit board. Engineers will gain insight into how HDI board designers select stackups, design rules and features and they will learn about issues that arise when fabricating an HDI-microvia board.

Highlights of the October 7 technical conference agenda include two special keynote addresses. Matt Holzmann, president of Christopher Associates, a pioneering supplier to the electronics industry, will open the conference with "Demand for HDI." The afternoon keynote, "High-End Rigid and Flex-Rigid Boards: Case Studies and Reliability," will be presented by Roberto Tulman, vice president of technologies for Eltek, a leading HDI manufacturer in both the military and medical arenas.

The event will wrap up with two half-day advanced HDI workshops on October 8, targeted to both PCB designers and fabricators. The morning workshop will explore existing and future materials suitable for use in HDI products, in addition to materials for embedded passives and high-frequency operation. In the afternoon workshop, participants will walk through a successful program used by a number of large aero/military and telecom OEMs to successfully implement HDI technologies in their PCB programs. The session is divided into four phases that follow the implementation program: 1) education, planning and vendor audits; 2) test-vehicle creation and testing; 3) redesigning a current board to HDI; and 4) putting it all together.

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