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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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OES Develops Intelligent Stepper Driver
Intelligent stepper driver.
London Ontario, Canada — OES Inc. is introducing the Model MC-225A Dual Axis Stepper Drive platform; offering an extremely flexible, easy-to-use intelligent design, in a small package, at an affordable price. The new driver board has a dual axis design, which is expandable to six axes, with an embedded "smarts" option for controlling bipolar stepper motors.

The drive platform can control motors with currents of up to 2.5 amps per phase and up to 35VDC. According to the company, the modular design dramatically reduces machine development time by allowing the addition of motor driver boards, processor boards and custom interfaces as required.

Advanced options such as Ethernet, wireless, or USB interfaces, are available on-board for complete high level communication with computers or PLCs.

The MC-225A driver board provides selectable micro-stepping up to 1/16th microstep, optically isolated inputs, limit switch inputs, as well as fused and diode protected motor control outputs.

In addition, it offers many advanced features including circuitry for noise immunity, power regulation, over and under voltage shut down, crossover, and thermal protection.

For more sophisticated applications, the advanced design incorporates interfaces for encoders, limit switches, controlling relays as well as many devices normally controlled in machine environments. The processor board option provides the capability to have customized applications for custom machine designs. Machine designers can add or change programming as required.

The MC225A readily operates with off-the-shelf CNC software. The signal inputs for the board are standard step, direction and enable inputs, allowing control with a standard PC parallel port. The inherent flexibility allows users to develop custom solutions to meet their requirements.

Contact: OES, Inc., 4056 Blakie Road, London Ontario, Canada N6L 1P7 519-652-5833 fax: 519-652-3795 E-mail: Web:

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