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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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NKK Intros Ultra-Thin Rotary Switches
DIP rotary switches.
Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has introduced its new FR series of 10mm Ultra-Thin DIP Rotary switches. The newly-designed FR series replaces the company's DR series rotary switches and incorporates the best characteristics of the company's rotary devices. The binary coded DIP rotaries are environmentally friendly devices and meet RoHS requirements.

The heat-resistant resin materials are UL94V-0 and suited to lead-free solder processing applications including vapor phase and infrared convection reflow soldering for SMD option.

The FR series of DIP rotaries offer compact dimensions and a low profile allowing for high density mounting and close stacking of PC boards. Available in real or complement codes, decimal or hexadecimal configurations, the FR series can be specified in through-hole or SMD models.

Highly visible and easy to read legends use arrows to indicate position and provide trouble-free code setting. Color-keyed actuators identify codes. Electrical capacity switching rating is 100mA at 5VDC; nonswitching rating is 100mA at 50VDC.

The cam-activated movable contact and gold contacts ensure contact reliability and continuity while the detent mechanism gives crisp, positive action providing accurate switch setting. Actuators are fully rotational and can be operated either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Through-hole devices can be specified with screwdriver or shaft actuators with straight or right angle mounts. Terminal spacing in straight PC through-hole is 0.100-in. between pins and 0.300-in. between rows.

Packaging includes stick tube for through-hole versions and tape/reel for SMD. Right angle versions are available in two different footprints. The standard footprint is 0.100-in. between pins and 0.100-in. between rows. A new option of 0.100-in. between pins with 0.200-in. between rows is available to facilitate change over designs from DR series footprints. Crimped terminals ensure secure PC mounting and prevent the FR devices from dislodging during soldering.

SMD versions are straight mount with screwdriver actuators. Gull-winged terminals deliver mechanical stability during soldering and simplify solder joint inspection. The co planarity tolerance zone is 0.0059-in. (0.15mm) maximum, the allowable distance between all considered surfaces in two parallel planes. Optional snap-on knobs are available for screwdriver actuated models and consist of a black knob with a transparent flange.

Contact: NKK Switches, 7850 E. Gelding Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480-991-0942 fax: 480-998-1435 Web:

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