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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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CIT Intros 400V High Dielectric Relay
High dielectric relay.
Minneapolis, MN — CIT Relay & Switch has introduced the J115F1 Series relay, which offers new optional high dielectric strength coil to contact of 4000V rms. Small in size, this light-weight, low cost relay is offered in PC termination, with the option of removing pin 6. The relays exceed industry UL standards — incorporating 40 amp contacts and Class F insulation.

Available with contact arrangements of SPST NO, SPST NC, or SPDT, the J115F1 offers coil voltage options from 3VDC to 110VDC and 12VAC to 277VAC. Design engineers can choose contact material from AgSnO2 or AgSnO2In2O3.

Electrical life at rated load is 100k cycles with mechanical life of 10M cycles. Insulation resistance is 100MΩ minimum at 500VDC. Dielectric strength, coil to contact on high dielectric strength option is 4000V rms minimum with contact-to-contact at 1500V rms minimum. Shock resistance is 200m/s2 for 11 minutes. Vibration resistance is 1.5mm double amplitude 10-40Hz. Copper alloy terminal strength is 10N. Solderability is 260°C for 5 seconds. The weight is 30g or 27g with no cover.

Relay applications include computer and computer peripherals, telecommunications, security, test equipment, instrumentation, RV, medical applications, air conditioners, automotive, heating and ventilation, home appliance, motor control, and other industrial applications.

Contact: CIT Relay & Switch, 1152 Highway 10 NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432 763-535-2339 fax: 763-535-2194 E-mail: Web:

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