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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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Seho Selective Soldering Keeps Lid on Costs
Selective wave solder system.
Ashland, VA — Seho's GoSelective light offers high soldering quality and maximum flexibility in selective miniwave soldering processes, particularly for small and medium production volumes. The high-grade and compact made in Germany machine ensures absolutely reproducible soldering results in a small footprint, thus offering an economic alternative to traditional hand soldering processes.

The GoSelective light is available in two versions: one designed for standalone operation, while the inline version may be integrated into any production line. During the process the assembly remains in place while the solder wave systems, which are mounted on a high-precision axis system, move to the solder joints. This allows flexible processing of assemblies up to 500 x 500mm with absolutely reproducible results. The system is well suited for both lead-free and lead-containing production processes.

The machine light is equipped with a micro drop jet fluxer which ensures a precise flux application to the joint, with a precisely defined quantity of one drop. This results in a defined spray pattern with minimum overspray.

The system is also equipped with a powerful preheat area which supports the evaporation of the solvent and preheating of the PC boards. The soldering unit is designed for miniwave soldering processes and therefore ensures highest flexibility in the production line. The solder nozzle technology of the GoSelective light permits very small distances between the solder joints, making it possible to solder joints which generally are difficult to access.

A local nitrogen inerting station ensures an oxide-free solder wave and thus ideal flow properties for the solder — guaranteeing minimum maintenance requirements.

Teaching of the solder joints is made very easily by entering the position of the components into the soldering program.

Programming is made easier with an optional online teach system with camera. Here, the solder joints are captured with a CCD camera, which is positioned on the axis system, and will be displayed on a separate monitor with cross hairs. Where there are many different assemblies involved, the available offline teach program option is recommended — permitting editing the soldering routines at any computer.

Contact: SEHO North America, Inc., 325-L Hill Carter Parkway, Ashland, VA 23005 804-798-6000 fax: 804-798-5933 Web:

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