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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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PB Swiss Tools Screwdriver from Count On Tools
Strong, durable Swiss screwdriver.
Gainesville, GA — PB Swiss Tools specializes in high quality hand tools that are designed for professionals requiring ergonomics, precision, and optimum performance. PB Swiss Tools also maintains the closest tolerance (less than a human hair) on all of its manufacturing processes. The company performs quality checks through every stage of development and manufacturing from raw material to finished product.

Because all operations are performed within its Swiss facilities, PB Swiss Tools can offer a serial number for every tool that can trace production back to the raw material.

Now the company is offering the best price of all — free. It is giving away free PB Swiss Tools screwdrivers to any industry professional willing to test it against their current brand(s). This giveaway is expected to attract mechanics, technicians, maintenance peoples, repair persons and engineers — everyone needing high quality, industrial strength screwdrivers. The giveaway will be followed by a survey after a tryout period.

According to the company, durable and flexible PB Swiss Tools screwdrivers have a longer working life because of a stronger tip. The combination of raw material, heat treatment, and the highest standards mean that the tool will out perform in every situation. All PB Swiss Tools are manufactured using a special spring steel alloy and heat treating process that has been developed over the past 130 years.

The tools also give and bend when put under pressure; they don't just snap off. Other screwdrivers claim that they can withstand the pressure, but only PB can bend their screwdrivers over 90° without any sign of fracturing.

Contact: Count On Tools, Inc., 2481 Hilton Dr., Suite 3, Gainsville, GA 30501 800-880-7007 or 770-538-0411 fax: 770-538-0417 E-mail: Web: or

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