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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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Aegis Redefines Real-Time Factory Monitoring
Dashboard of gauges and controls.
Horsham, PA — Aegis Software has released iMonitor 2.0, a system that enables manufacturers to create their own real-time dashboards to monitor the enterprise, factory, and lines in real-time through web browsers. iMonitor offers machine operators, production managers, and executives the power to easily create unlimited numbers of interactive and real-time production tracking, materials, utilization, and quality dashboards.

According to the company, the system represents a real revolution in information visibility by supplying customers with a simple means to custom-configure monitoring dashboards, right out of the box. Dashboards are constructed by dragging-and-dropping "gauges" and "charts" and other active elements into a design view, similar to PowerPoint slide construction, along with user-provided graphics such as line pictures or plant drawings. The user then activates each element by simply indicating the Aegis xLink data source for that machine, tester, station, or area of the process--and the dashboard instantly comes alive in real-time.

To create unlimited drill-down investigation of real-time data, iMonitor works much like a normal website — users link any gauge or chart in one dashboard to another dashboard, creating a "dashboard site structure" for unlimited interactivity.

Many manufacturers want their real-time dashboards running above their lines on flat panel displays. For these applications, iMonitor allows users to build "slide shows" of multiple dashboards that rotate at user-defined time intervals without user interaction — all as easily as making a PowerPoint presentation.

For customers using the company's factory-wide Manufacturing Operations Software (MOS), iMonitor's Mini Dashboards can be made available within any shop-floor interface to provide each operator whatever real-time information engineers believe would benefit them at each station.

Additionally, iMonitor users may create unlimited numbers of dashboards and store them for viewing on the web. Dashboards can be secured to precisely limit access to particular persons or groups of persons, and do not require "refreshing" as they automatically update their content in real time.

For massive deployments, the company has invented an architectural technology to minimize server load as usage of dashboards increases in the enterprise. As the number of dashboards opened simultaneously increases, the load on Aegis servers increases at a far lower rate than dashboard technologies of the past.

Contact: Aegis Software Corporation., 5 Walnut Grove Drive, Suite 320, Horsham, PA 19044 215-773-3571 Web:

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