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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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It's Been Quite a Year
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
It wasn't very long ago that we were talking about the new year ahead of us, and now we are at the close of Summer and looking ahead to 2009. The year has definitely gone by much too fast; they say this happens as you get older. The year has seen some serious economic problems, especially escalating oil prices.

Fortunately, oil prices have started to retreat, and the electronics industry in general has been holding firm and expanding. As we write this, the entire world is focused on China and the Olympics, but soon, it will be back to business as usual and the exciting and rapidly expanding Chinese economy.

This has been a milestone year for U.S. Tech in China as well, with our Mandarin edition about to celebrate its first birthday. It's quite an undertaking to have every word in the publication translated into Chinese, month after month. But it has already paid handsome dividends, since U.S. Tech is now being read on the Internet by nearly 200,000 engineers, managers, and corporate management in China.

Amidst all of this positive response, we'd like to remind you, our readers, that we can't do it without your help. We have exciting trade shows coming up and all sorts of special coverage. Please send us your press releases by e-mail and check out our Writers Guidelines to see what kinds of feature articles you can provide. This is all free publicity, but you have to send it to us to make it work. If you have questions or would like to advertise in the only large, thriving trade publication in the electronics industry, give us a call or send an e-mail; we're here to help you.  

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