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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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Littelfuse Adds New Ballast Fuses

Des Plaines, IL — Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced two new fuse series for electrical ballasts used in fluorescent lighting and other applications. The 208 and 209 Series expand the company's offering of 350V 2AG-size fuses to provide ballast designers with a wider range of current ratings. The new ...Read More
Microstar Intros Signal-Conditioning Expansion Board

Bellevue, WA — Microstar Laboratories, Inc. has introduced a new board to complement its growing family of isolated analog and digital signal-conditioning expansion boards that make it easy to implement signal conditioning in data acquisition systems. The new board, part number MSXB 084, includes ...Read More
Mill-Max: Solder Cup Interconnects

Oyster Bay, NY — Mill-Max is offering a quick and efficient method to terminate discrete wires into a pluggable interconnect with its Solder Cup Headers and mating Socket Connectors. They provide a convenient pluggable, reliable path between wired applications. Manufactured using precision-machined ...Read More
NKK Intros Ultra-Thin Rotary Switches

Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has introduced its new FR series of 10mm Ultra-Thin DIP Rotary switches. The newly-designed FR series replaces the company's DR series rotary switches and incorporates the best characteristics of the company's rotary devices. The binary coded DIP rotaries are environmentally ...Read More
OES Develops Intelligent Stepper Driver

London Ontario, Canada — OES Inc. is introducing the Model MC-225A Dual Axis Stepper Drive platform; offering an extremely flexible, easy-to-use intelligent design, in a small package, at an affordable price. The new driver board has a dual axis design, which is expandable to six axes, with an embedded ...Read More
Phaseda Intros Dust & Weatherproof Rocker Switch

Beaverton, OR — Phaseda LLC has introduced its dust and weatherproof power rocker switch, the KND2-series. The new switch type snaps into industry-standard panel cutout size 0.862 x 1.169-in. (22 x 30mm). Its unusual internal design reportedly provides reliable protection against dust and water up ...Read More
Phihong Intros Ethernet PoE Splitter

Fremont, CA — Phihong has developed a 45W DC-DC Power-over-Ethernet splitter for high power needs. Designated the POE45-120 Series, the Gigabit-compatible splitter divides the power and data and converts the PoE source to a regulated DC power source. It is designed to be mounted adjacent to an Ethernet device ...Read More
PI Intros Nanopositioning Digital Piezo Stage Controller

Auburn, MA — PI's new E-712 digital piezo stage controller has been designed for the most demanding accuracy and dynamic-performance requirements of multi-axis piezo nanopositioning systems. Its highly modular design allows flexible configuration, easy upgradeability and adaptation to changing requirements ...Read More
Protek Power Intros Medical Switchers

Hudson, MA — Protek Power North America is introducing the PM300 Series of 300W, medical, AC/DC switching power supplies, which offer a compact, performance-packed design with full compliance to worldwide EN60101-1 medical safety standards. The supplies have universal 90-264VAC input in 21 models ...Read More
Tuning Fork Crystals from Raltron

Miami, FL — Raltron has introduced its Series RT3215 and RT4115 tuning fork crystals, especially suitable for accurate time of day and other read-out requirements, for state-of-the-art portable equipment such as blood glucose level meters, thermometers, and blood pressure readers. They are also useful ...Read More
Samtec Expands Edge Rate Interconnects

New Albany, IN — Samtec has expanded its line of Board-to-Board and Cable-to-Board solutions using its rugged Edge Rate contact. These systems are designed for applications where signal integrity and durability are critical. The specially designed contacts provide superior impedance matching, reduced ...Read More
Schaefer Intros Inverter Line

Ashland, MA — Schaefer, Inc. is introducing the IV Series of DC/AC inverters. The inverter design synchronizes three individual switch mode inverters and three output transformers, for a symmetrical 3-phase output. The transformers provide input/output isolation, while transforming the voltages to ...Read More
CMOS Voltage Regulator from Seiko

Torrance, CA — The Seiko S-1155 Series, is a positive voltage regulator developed based on CMOS technology, with a super low dropout voltage, high output voltage accuracy, and low current consumption. According to the company, the regulators work with very small dropout voltage and large output current ...Read More
Spectrum Microwave: Wideband Switches

Delmar, DE — Spectrum Microwave is introducing its newly expanded line of switches now offering SPDT to SP5T designs with a wide bandwidth from 100MHz to 22GHz. These high performance switches have an integral TTL driver and are available with fast switching speeds of better than 100 nsec, high isolation ...
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High-Density Interconnect from Sullins

San Marcos, CA — Sullins Connector Solutions has introduced male and female 0.050-in. (1.27mm) board-to-board connectors engineered for higher signal density in space-constrained applications. Offered in single- and dual-row configurations, and in plated through hole (PTH) and surface mount (SMT ...Read More
Tracopower: 2 Watt Hi Isolation DC/DC Converters

Zurich, Switzerland — Tracopower has introduced a new line of DC/DC Converters — the THI-2M/TES-2M Series, providing high isolation and reinforced insulation. The new units provide 2 watts of power in a small 16-pin DIP (THI-2M) or Surface-Mount (TES-2M) Package. The isolation system makes these ...Read More
Tyco Adds Power Line Filter Option

Harrisburg, PA — Tyco's WG Power Line Filter family for appliances and white goods has expanded with the option of a RAST 5 connector interface to simplify installation and help eliminate potential wiring errors. The tubular filter is now available with an unkeyed two-position RAST 5 header that ...Read More
WAGO: Multi Connection System Jumpers

Germantown, WI — WAGO Corporation has extended the pole configurations for the insulated comb-style jumper bars used with the 231 Series MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS) MIDI (pin spacing 5mm/5.08mm). In addition to a 2-pole configuration, 3-, 5-, 7- and 10-pole versions have joined the MCS MIDI lineup ...Read More
Weidmuller Intros Decentralized Power Distribution

Richmond, VA — Weidmuller has introduced FieldPower — a universal decentralized power distribution system designed for industrial machinery applications, primarily for conveyor and packaging equipment, where there is a need to distribute power over extensive distances via multiple power drops ...Read More
Zero Point Detector Driver from Zetex

Hauppauge, NY — Zetex Semiconductors is introducing the ZXGD3101 Zero Point Detector Driver (ZPDD). A dedicated rectifier controller, it enables designers to replace lossy Schottky diodes with surface mount MOSFETs, which will now function as "ideal diodes" in synchronous flyback converters ranging ...Read More
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