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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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Combining AOI and X-Ray Inspection Systems

As board densities increase and component sizes decrease, the need for a fast, accurate and more efficient inspection process is critical. A growing number of electronics assemblers have integrated Automated Optical (AOI) and X-Ray (AXI) inspection into their quality control inspection ...
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Completely Automating PC Board Testing

Automation is king in today's production environment — a fact dictated by the economics of today's manufacturing ethic. Efficiency and productivity levels are dictated by profitability, and that in turn is determined by product reliability. Since test is part of the process, it is only ...
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Design for Testability: Simple Solutions Rule

There is not a single manufacturing technique that will guarantee the 100 percent fault-free circuit board. Each new technology creates new challenges and test methodologies to ensure fault free boards. The increasing density and complexity of the components is a critical factor for producing ...
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Leak Testing Equipment Demystified

Must quality engineers and product managers always be at odds with each other? The former seeks perfection while the latter pushes for greater throughput. With the latest improvements in leak detection devices, both agendas can be served, as the best examples of this testing equipment help ...
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Non-Destructive Cross-Sectioning with Quick Micro-CT

Computed Tomography is technology that allows a sample to be virtually cross-sectioned without harming the sample. Long familiar in the medical world, it is only in the last decade that it has been actively used in the electronics industry. As CT has been adopted for electronics, the industry ...
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The Real World of Boundary-Scan Testing

It's no secret — everybody has noticed the uptake in JTAG/boundary-scan test technology over the past 10 years or so. However, in spite of the avalanche of articles describing the technology and outlining the on-paper benefits, there are still relatively few engineers around who have ...
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