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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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AWR & UMS: New GaAs MMIC Foundry Process Design Kit

El Segundo, CA — AWR® and United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) have introduced an advanced process design kit (PDK) for the UMS PPH25X GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) foundry process. The UMS PPH25X process is dedicated to the design of microwave monolithic integrated ...Read More
Benchtop Stencil Printer from Manncorp

Huntingdon Valley, PA — An improved version of Manncorp's Model 5500 Benchtop Stencil Printer incorporates an innovative design that provides true vertical separation of the stencil from the PC board, prior to the lifting of the stencil frame. This movement of the stencil from the PC board is an ...Read More
Conductive Potting Compound from Epoxies Etc.

Cranston, RI — Epoxies Etc.'s UL 94 V-O listed 50-2369 FR is described as the fastest self extinguishing thermally conductive polyurethane potting compound available on the market today. It offers a combination of properties seldom seen in a Thermally Conductive Potting Compound. The compound provides ...Read More
Danaher Intros Single Axis Controller and Air Bearing Spindle

Wood Dale, IL — Danaher Motion has introduced the Dover DMM-101 Single Axis Controller and ST1 Air Bearing Spindle product set. The DMM-101 and ST1 are engineered to form a perfectly matched and easily integrated sub-system solution for hard disk drive (HDD) applications, but can also be purchased ...Read More
Data I/O Intros JIT Programming

Redmond WA — Data I/O Corporation has expanded its family of Just-in-Time Programming solutions with an all-new inline automated programming solution, the ProLINE-RoadRunner XLF. Described as the first ever in-line automated programming solution, the programming system was originally targeted for ...Read More
DSI Intros Spectral Metal for UV Applications

Santa Rosa, CA — Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI) has introduced a new product in its Spectral Metal hybrid coating family, the UV Spectral Metal. Developed for ultraviolet (UV) curing and UV printing industries, the highly durable, advanced dichroic metal coating is used as the reflector behind the ...Read More
Fujipoly: Low-Resistance Anisotropic Connector

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly is now offering its low resistance, high current carrying capacity Zebra® FG-S silicone connector. The connector is manufactured with a silicone rubber core that is embedded with a single row of thin, gold-plated phosphor bronze wires. The wires are spaced on 0.10mm centers ...Read More
Goepel: New Boundary Scan Modules

Jena, Germany — New Boundary Scan I/O modules from Goepel electronic enable structural test of PCI Express slots using IEEE Std. 1149.6. The recently introduced CION Module /PCIe-x(1/4) consist of additional interface cards within the popular CION Module product range. The new low-cost modules ...Read More
Heraeus Intros Conductive Adhesives

West Conshohocken, PA — A line of fast-setting, one-component conductive adhesives designed for the connection of passive components and bare die on lead frames and printed circuit board substrates is being introduced by the Contact Materials Division (CMD) of Heraeus. Ideal uses for the conductive ...Read More
Huntron Intros Test Bench Instrument

Mill Creek, WA — Huntron, Inc. has introduced two new testers — the Tracker 2800 and Tracker 2800S. The New 2800 Trackers are designed to complement conventional test instruments in the debug and troubleshooting process. Using the proven power-off test method known as Tracker (Analog) Signature ...Read More
IIT Develops Prototype SMT PCBtool

Post Falls, ID — Integrated Ideas & Technologies, Inc. has introduced a new prototype assembly tool that allows manufacturers to assemble double sided surface mount assemblies, right at their desk. Called the AssemblyPro Fixture, the new tool was created in response to the need for a complete solution ...
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JBC Tools: Low Cost Solder Station

Saint Louis, MO — JBC Tools USA, Inc. has released the BT 8808, a new low cost, high performance soldering station for lead-free processes. Using the well known microprocessor driven JBC Advanced Technology which provides the fastest thermal recovery in the market, the BT has up to 140W of power ...Read More
Leader Tech: EMI Product Guide

Tampa, FL — Leader Tech has released a comprehensive Enclosure Shielding Products and Engineering Design Guide. Immediate downloads of the catalog are available from the company's home page. The brochure outlines detailed information concerning EMI shielding applications, product specifications and ...Read More
Lord Corp. Intros Thermal Die Lid Attach

Cary, NC — Lord Corporation has developed MT-431 a non-silicone thermal die lid attach (TDLA) adhesive. According to the company, the adhesive was developed in response to customers looking to replace their existing two material processes (such as a thermal interface material (TIM) and a lid attach material ...Read More
Mixpac Intros Dual-Component Dispense System

Salem, NH — Mixpac Equipment Inc. has introduced its DX dispensing system. The DX includes a mobile handheld dispenser with a refill station, providing a versatile and accurate solution for two-component material dispensing. It offers the ability to dispense a wide variety of ratios for 2-component ...Read More
Multi-Seals Intros Nano-Forms Preforms

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals Inc. is introducing Nano-forms epoxy preforms to provide precision seals on microelectronics. With preforms as small as 0.035-in. (0.89mm) outside diameter and 0.011-in. (0.28mm) inside diameter, Nano-forms allow highly repeatable placement of minute amounts ...Read More
Nordson Bulk Melters Deliver Hot Melt

Duluth, GA — Nordson Corporation has introduced its new line of VersaDrum bulk melters, designed for precise, demanding hot melt adhesive application from 200-liter or 55-gallon drums. Customizable to accommodate a wide variety of adhesives and meet manufacturers' specific production requirements ...Read More
OptoTherm: Environmental Enclosure

Sewickley, PA — OptoTherm has released its EL environmental enclosure. The 27 x 27 x 45-in. enclosure provides a stable test environment by blocking energy from the ambient environment and blocking air currents generated by heating and air conditioning ducts. A motorized camera slide and controller ...
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Pepperl+Fuchs: Next Gen Barcode Reader

Twinsburg, OH — Pepperl+Fuchs is introducing the MAH120 Handheld Barcode Imager, a lightweight and rugged industrial quality barcode reader that promises fast, flexible and affordable reading of all popular 1D and 2D barcodes, as well as many other symbologies. Built for cabled "point-and-shoot" ...
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Pinpoint Intros New Alignment Tool

Peabody, MA — Pinpoint Laser Systems® is introducing a new 2-dimensional Microgage for precision measuring, machine alignment, calibration, and other demanding industrial applications. Roll and web lines, CNC cutting and milling equipment, lathes, stamping presses, injection molding machines, extrusion ...Read More
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