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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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High Quality Manufacturing Support at Clover Electronics

Today's electronics manufacturing services (EMS) customers expect their contractors to offer a full range of services, regardless of size. EMS provider Clover Electronics is meeting that challenge with a combination of internal expertise and strategic alliances. Founded in 1981, the company ...
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Laird Deploys Advanced 3D Simulation Tool

St. Louis, MO — Laird Technologies, Inc. has deployed an advanced 3D simulation tool — Ansoft's HFSS Distributed Solve (DSO) design tool — that aids in the design of electronic devices. The company is currently using the tool in rigorous 3D simulations for the design of complex mobile devices and ...Read More
Muhlbauer: RFID Inlay Production of 20000 UPH

Roding, Germany — Muhlbauer Technology Group has launched what it calls the world's fastest and highly flexible RFID inlay production line, the TAL 20000. Compared to the fastest equipment up to date — the TAL 10000 — the new TAL 20000 provides a quantum leap in flip-chip assembly technology for RFID ...Read More
PartnerTech bolsters UK fast-turn product introduction build capability with Metris X-Tek X-ray system

PartnerTech, one of Europe's leading contract manufacturing companies, selected an X-Tek X-ray inspection system to test high-complexity boards featuring BGAs and CSPs. The company installed the inspection system at its 2,700m2 (29,063ft.2 UK manufacturing facility at ...
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Sunburst EMS Adds DEK Horizon Printer

West Bridgewater, MA — Sunburst EMS has boosted its PC board manufacturing capability and expanded its range of applications with the addition of a new DEK Horizon 03i printer to its manufacturing lines. According to the company, adding the new printer to the company's production line will effectively ...
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