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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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MCG® Brushless DC Motors with Integral Drive
Brushless DC Motors.
Kent, OH — Ametek's MCG brand MA34000 Series brushless DC motors have an integral drive to simplify installation and promote smooth, quiet, and efficient operation over a wide speed range. The elimination of external motor cabling minimizes required space for the package and reduces cable-related potential for electrical noise. The integral single quadrant drive for 3-phase electronic commutation allows for an overall compact design.

These NEMA 34 motors can power equipment in a wide range of applications in the medical/biotech, semiconductor processing, packaging, and automation industries, among others. They ideally suit non-traditional servo applications where one direction is required and speed (velocity) control is not crucial.

The motors are internally pre-wired with drive and feedback connections that contribute to lower EMI and reduced audible noise; internal Hall sensors provide closed loop velocity control; and integral electronics can be tailored for specific operating parameters.

According to the company, brushless technology imparts long service life without the maintenance and wear issues typically associated with brush-commutated products.

Standard motors in this series are available in three different lengths with rated power from 168 watts (0.22 Hp) at speeds up to 1750 RPM and rated power from 746 watts (1.0 Hp) at speeds up to 3450 RPM. All motors and drives are factory-matched and tested for high reliability as completely self-contained units.

Custom solutions can be developed and options are available to satisfy specific application needs.

Contact: AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products, 627 Lake Street, Kent, OH 44240 330-673-3452 fax: 330-677-3306 Web:

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