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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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New Harmonic Filters from Schaffner
Harmonic filters.
Edison, NJ — Schaffner has introduced ECOsine, a new load-applied passive harmonic filter, which represents the best solution for three-phase power electronics with 6-pulse rectifier front ends, such as AC and DC motor drives. As a result of the significant reduction in total harmonic current distortion (THID) to <5 percent, the new filters can guarantee compliance with the toughest requirements and standards.

Rectifier peak and rms input current are reduced and a pure sine wave is drawn from the grid. The reduction in current consumption for the same power level saves precious energy and helps to make better use of existing electric system capacity. For new installations, the use of ECOsine filters even allows electric conductors, fuses and breakers to be downsized, or enables a greater number of drives to be powered by a given size of distribution transformer.

The harmonic filters are available in two ranges: one for 50Hz grids (FN 3410 series) and the other for 60Hz systems (FN 3412 series). They can easily be selected on the basis of the actual input power demand of an individual load or a group of loads. Because of their compact package, they can be installed right inside the electrical cabinet next to the drive. A simple plug-and-play concept allows for quick installation, wiring and commissioning, without the need for system analysis or the involvement of highly trained specialists.A standard safety feature continuously monitors filter temperature, controls the internal fans and provides an NC/C contact for seamless integration into a machine or system control unit.

The filters are designed for 380 to 500V, 50Hz grids and are available for power ratings from 4kW to 160kW. FN 3412 filters are suitable for 440V to 480V, 60Hz grids with standard ratings ranging from 5 HP to 250 HP. All filters are UL-approved, CE-marked and RoHS-compliant.

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