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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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Omron Intros Ultra Low Profile Connectors
Low-profile connectors.
Schaumburg, IL — Omron Electronic Components LLC has introduced a new series of 0.4mm (0.016-in.) pitch SMD-board-to-FPC-plug and socket connectors. When mated, they have a stacking height of just 0.9mm (0.035-in.) and a width of 4.1mm (0.161-in.) or 5.0mm (0.20-in.), including the solder terminals. The feature rich XB4A (plug) and XB4B (socket) connectors provide high reliability.

According to the company, the double contact point gold-plated contacts are extremely resistant to Kojiri (improper contact alignment). There is a nickel barrier between the contacts and PC board terminals which prevents solder creepage. The plug and socket mate easily with carefully molded guides that lead the housing to the exact mating position. When mated properly, there is an audible, firm, tactile "click" to confirm that the connection is fully seated and also provides a high retention force, making them resistant to shock and vibration.

The housing is designed to keep contacts from being damaged while insulating them from the board to increase board design efficiency. The XB4A and XB4B's twist-resistant design allows for the connectors to be unmated in any direction and are available in 40- and 80-pin versions.

Other technical features include a 0.3A AC/DC at 50VAC/DC contact rating with a very low 60mΩ max. (at 20mV DC max., 100mA max.) contact resistance. Insulation resistance is 1000mΩ (min.) at 250VAC, and the withstand voltage is 250AC for 1 minute (leakage current: 1mA max.). Insertion force is 1.7N max. per pin with removal force of 0.1N min. per pin, and the connectors can be mated and unmated 50 times.

The XB4A and XB4B are applicable in many low profile products including PDAs, notebook computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS devices, handheld test and measurement instruments, and voice recorders.

Contact: Omron Electronic Components LLC, 55 Commerce Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173-5302 847-882-2288 E-mail: Web:

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