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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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Metris: Large-Scale Laser Metrology Workspace
Laser-based metrology system.
Leuven, Belgium — Metris has launched its iSpace, a large-scale metrology workspace, in which objects can be measured and tracked accurately. According to the company, predefined configuration packages allow systems to be easily installed at economies never achievable in the past. Accurate and continuous system monitoring guarantees robust and reliable iSpace operation.

Metris iSpace is based on the company's iGPS, a global positioning technology that turns workspaces into scalable metrology workvolumes using a network of iGPS transmitters. These laser-based transmitters create a measurement field that is extendable by adding more iGPS devices. The innovative network concept of this large-scale metrology solution guarantees uniform accuracy throughout the entire workspace. iGPS serves multiple concurrent users, and offers the unique capability of measuring and tracking multiple objects simultaneously.

Metris iSpace now bundles iGPS technology into seven off-the-shelf configurations with measurement volumes ranging from 400 to 1200m2, available in different classes to suit the accuracy requirements of the customer.

The system is typically deployed in metrology applications to accurately position measurement devices, such as handheld probes, articulated arms and laser radars. These devices can be repositioned at any time without having to manually redefine their new locations each time they are moved. By eliminating these interruptions altogether, operators can take measurements non-stop anywhere needed within the entire metrology workspace, resulting in faster turnaround times. Applications include the tracking of parts, tools and automatically guided vehicles (AGVs), part joining and assembly.The system is designed for quick setup, making it easily deployable to different workspaces. The embedded auto-calibration function provides accurate and continuous system monitoring, guaranteeing robust and reliable operation.

Contact: Metris USA, Inc., 12701 Grand River, Brighton, MI 48116 810-220-4360 fax: 810-220-4300 Web:

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