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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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EAO Intros Indestructible Design-Your-Own Keypads/boards
Sandwich keypads are ruggedized.
Milford, CT — EAO has unveiled a new way to create a personalized keypad or keyboard that is guaranteed impact-resistant, vandal-resistant, oil and waterproof. The TSK series is an innovative, versatile range of customizable, PC board-based products, which provide 12- and 16-key keypads, and a full-sized PC-style keyboard with the option of a touchpad mouse.

With this new system, it is even possible to create any custom layout from 4 to 128 keys. The company supplies the PC board-based keypad or keyboard and a suitable connecting interface, including PS2, USB and Matrix, with others available on request. The front plate, which is provided by the customer, ensures total protection from dirt and fluid ingress, and damage from shock and impact. A typical TSK set-up comprises the desired PC board layout, connected to an interface card and then placed under a non-conductive, transparent plate such as polycarbonate or glass up to 10mm thick. The keyboard design and key arrangement are created using the supplied software then printed on a plastic or paper overlay and placed between the PC board and front plate. Customers can create a unique design by inserting their logo into easy-to-use, adaptable templates, or even print directly on the plate.

The PC board keyboards are available in the standard layout for different languages including English, German, French, US English, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Belgian and many more. They are compatible with most operating systems from Windows 2000 to Vista, as well as Linux.

Also offered is a complete OEM kit, which comprises a PC board keyboard, PC board housing, interface card, cables and mounting kit.TSK products provide a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution, which is suitable for many applications within vending, security and access, medical equipment and industrial environments among others.In particular, they are suitable for use in polluted areas affected by dust, grease or ink particles suspended in the air; sterile environments cleaned using ultrasonic techniques; hygienic environments cleaned using high-pressure washing; medical equipment; explosive atmospheres which must be free of contacts and electrostatic discharge; and public areas susceptible to vandalism.

Contact: EAO Switch Corporation, 98 Washington St., Milford CT 06460 203-877-4577 fax: 203-877-3694 E-mail: Web:

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