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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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CIT Offers 20A RoHS Automotive Relay
20A automotive relay.
Minneapolis, MN — CIT Relay & Switch is now offering A4 Series automotive relays, which offer switching capacity to 20A. The relays offer contact arrangement options of SPST NO and SPDT. The relays are also available in a dual relay package. Coil voltage options are 3VDC, 5VDC, 6VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC, 18VDC and 24VDC.

The small size relay is light in weight and package options include open flux tight or sealed, immersion cleanable. Offering contact resistance of <30 milliohms initially, the maximum switching power of 280W on the single and 2 x 280 on the dual package. Maximum switching voltage is 380VAC, 75VDC. Standard, RoHS lead free, environmentally friendly (no cadmium) contacts are AgSnO2.Tested electrical life is 100k cycles with mechanical life of 10M cycles. Insulation resistance is 100MΩ at 500VDC. The dielectric strength contact-to-contact is 750V rms minimum at sea level and coil to contact is 1500V rms. Shock resistance is 100m/s2 for 11 minutes with vibration resistance of 1.27mm double amplitude 10 to 40Hz. Copper alloy terminal strength is 10N. Operating temperature of -40?° to +85°C and storage temperature of -40 to +155°C. Solderability is 260°C for 5 seconds.The relays measure in at 16.9 x 14.5 x 19.5mm, weighing 12g. The dual relay option is 16.9 x 29.7 x 19.5 and weighs 24g.

Applications include automotive accessories such as front, rear and fog lamps, car alarms, hazard warning signals, interior lights, defrost, flasher and turn signals, power door locks, wiper control, window control, power, steering, blower control and power lift gate along with numerous others.

Contact: CIT Relay & Switch, 1152 Highway 10 NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432 763-535-2339 fax: 763-535-2194 E-mail: Web:

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