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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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Scapa: Transfer Adhesive for Splicing, Bonding
Thermoset adhesive.
Windsor, CT — Scapa North America offers Thermofilm® H212U, a heat-reactive transfer adhesive that provides structural bond strength on a range of substrates including plastics, metals, ceramics, wood, paper and woven materials. It is intended for use in general purpose bonding and electronic product assembly applications. Once cured, this transfer adhesive offers excellent resistance to solvents, plasticizers and elevated temperatures.

The adhesive activates and cures on exposure to heat and pressure, and is formulated for splicing fiberglass cloth and other woven fabrics, gasket bonding, laminating to PVC and other plasticized materials, and silicon chip bonding on electronic assemblies. The adhesive's relatively low bonding temperature allows it to be used on temperature sensitive substrates and sensitive electronic devices.

For smart card manufacturing, the adhesive permanently bonds smart card chips onto PVC, ABS, PVC/ABS blend, PC, PET-G, and PET-F card materials. The adhesive's soft bond minimizes chip damage over long-term card handling. Offering highly consistent performance, this transfer adhesive meets or exceeds ISO 7810 requirements and is compatible with all major card production equipment.

The material is a 2 mil thick nitrile phenolic thermosetting transfer adhesive that is supplied on a 65# temperature resistant kraft release liner.

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