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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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PEM®: Self-Clinching Stainless Panel Fasteners
Stainless steel panel fasteners.
Danboro, PA — Patented PEM® Type PFC4 self-clinching stainless steel panel fasteners install permanently and "flush" (on one side) in thin stainless-steel sheets. They are made from 400 Series stainless steel for use in stainless sheets up to HRB 88 hardness on the Rockwell "B" scale and can provide corrosion resistance comparable to zinc plated steel.

Suitable for attaching stainless sheets as thin as 0.060-in. (1.53mm), the self-clinching panel fasteners use a captive-screw design to minimize amount of required hardware, promote quick installation, and eliminate any risk of loose parts falling out and damaging components. A Phillips head recess is standard.

These complete spring-loaded assemblies are available in assorted screw lengths and in thread sizes #4-40 through #10-32 and M3 through M5. All are RoHS compliant. The fasteners further meet UL 1950 "service area access" requirements to enable subsequent access to an assembly.

Installation (using a PEMSERTER® or other standard press) is accomplished by inserting the fastener into a properly sized punched or drilled hole, placing the fastener into the hole of the anvil, and positioning the mounting hole over the fastener's shank. Sufficient squeezing force is then applied until the shoulder of the retainer comes in contact with the sheet material. Upon installation, there will be no protrusions on the side of the sheet opposite installation.

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