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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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Nordson Intros Hi Precision Bulk Adhesive Melters
Bulk adhesive melting system.
Duluth, GA — Nordson Corporation has introduced its new line of VersaPail bulk melters, designed to provide high precision in the application of hot melt adhesive from 20-liter or 5-gallon pails. Suitable for reactive adhesives, such as moisture-cure polyurethanes, the bulk melters only melt the top surface, allowing the remaining material in the pail to stay solid, reducing thermal stress and protecting bonding characteristics.

The system's hydraulic passages are also designed to eliminate dead spaces where undesired curing could result.

Available with a variety of pump types and sizes, the melters can be customized to accommodate a wide variety of adhesives and meet manufacturers' specific requirements. A powerful industrial computer provides operators with full control of the adhesive system with an easy-to-use graphical touch-screen interface, with messages and indicators for each activity and machine status condition. For applications that require continuous operation, an automatic changeover system can also link two bulk melters together to eliminate the downtime associated with pail changes.

The new melters offer: easy installation and setup; single-side access for controls and pail changes; a choice of automatic or manual aeration systems; variable speed motors and precision gear pumps, with optional dual-stream and hardened versions; an adjustable pressure control valve for greater accuracy, as well as optional automatic pressure control systems; pail centering and clamping for more precise pail positioning and control; modular, non-stick axial and smooth melt platens, offering quick change and easy clean-up; 4 additional temperature channels for control of sprayguns, heaters, etc.

Contact: Nordson Corporation, 28601 Clemens Road, Westlake, OH 44145 440-892-1580 Web:

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