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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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DMI Intros Cost-Effective Fixture Material
Fixtures made from long-lasting composites.
North Plains, OR — DMI International's HC300 composite material, manufactured in USA reportedly offers excellent benefits in overall performance for necessary palleting/fixtures in PC board (Printed Circuit Board) production line processing. The composite material is already in use in 2000 plus solder wave pallets/fixtures that are currently in production line use, each without a single issue regarding the material's performance integrity.

The composite is constructed from a proprietary polyester resin with a reinforcement of isotropic glass filament. Slight compliancy from polyester increases toughness, an integral property variance that allows thin wall cross-sections without fracture. This compliancy also causes the material to be less rigid than 100 percent epoxy composites, but the compliancy is more than sufficient for most applications. In addition, polyester resin compliancy saves 35 percent on costs associated with mill bit replacement as compared to the epoxy resin materials. Equally important, there is less filament residue irritation for finished product handling purposes. HC300 is capable of 6-12k passes through the wave solder process; material longevity depends on cleaning and allowing the tooling to cool between cycles. In addition, the material is said to be less reactive to fluxes that cause premature breakdown in other palleting and fixture materials. Over thousands of cycles, the material demonstrates excellent dimensional stability.

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