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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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ACE Intros Automated Lead Tinning System

Spokane Valley, WA — ACE Production Technologies, Inc. has introduced the LTS200 Lead Tinning System, a programmable, automated machine that safely reconditions component leads for Hi-Rel and/or, RoHS applications. It can be used for conventional lead tinning for Hi-Rel applications, or for reconditioning ...Read More
DMI Intros Cost-Effective Fixture Material

North Plains, OR — DMI International's HC300 composite material, manufactured in USA reportedly offers excellent benefits in overall performance for necessary palleting/fixtures in PC board (Printed Circuit Board) production line processing. The composite material is already in use in 2000 plus solder ...Read More
Electrolube: Flexible Silicone Coating

Swadlincote, Derbyshire, UK — Test results for Electrolube's Flexible Silicone Coating, FSC, performed by SGS in Beijing, revealed that FSC meets the IEC standard 61086-2. The fast drying silicone-based conformal coating has been designed to protect PC boards exposed to high humidity environments ...Read More
Epoxies, Etc. Develops New Conductive Adhesive

Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc. has developed 40-3910, a new electrically conductive epoxy adhesive, The new one-component adhesive forms strong bonds while providing excellent impact and vibration resistance. It is formulated for electrical and mechanical bonding of semiconductor, capacitor and resistor ...Read More
Eraser: Magnet Wire Stripper

Syracuse, NY — Eraser's Model RT2S Magnet Wire Stripper will strip most film-type insulations including Formvar, ML, enamel, varnish, isonel and more from fine wires. Multiple wires may be stripped in one operation. The conical brushes rotate at high speed to generate frictional heat which softens ...Read More
Fluid Research Adds 3-Component Dispensing System

Tustin, CA — Fluid Research has introduced the new Signature Triple, a triple component Meter, Mix, and Dispense solution. The company has developed a technology that allows triple component dispensing with a high degree of accuracy. According to the company, other manufacturers have attempted ...Read More
Keystone Adds More Test Point Colors

Astoria, NY — Keystone Electronics has developed a series of new, additional colors to expand its line of rugged devices which replace wire-wrap posts and turret terminals to provide improved identification of test points in high density PC board packages. The new colors consist of Brown, Green, ...Read More
Manncorp Intros Low-Cost Batch Oven

Huntingdon Valley, PA — Manncorp has introduced an economical batch-type lead-free reflow oven designed to meet the needs of short-run assemblers with limited budgets or floor space. Priced at less than $3,500, the T200A is capable of attaining lead-free temperatures to 300°C and offers a {Delta}T ...Read More
Menda Intros ESD Safe Service Vacuum

Chino, CA — Newly introduced, the Menda Service Vacuum (Item 35846) is designed for applications requiring portability in a powerful, lightweight, self-contained unit. The Service Vacuum is an ESD-protected unit with 110VAC high-performance motor. One 0.3 micron cardboard shell filter is included ...Read More
Nordson Intros Hi Precision Bulk Adhesive Melters

Duluth, GA — Nordson Corporation has introduced its new line of VersaPail bulk melters, designed to provide high precision in the application of hot melt adhesive from 20-liter or 5-gallon pails. Suitable for reactive adhesives, such as moisture-cure polyurethanes, the bulk melters only melt ...Read More
PEM®: Self-Clinching Stainless Panel Fasteners

Danboro, PA — Patented PEM® Type PFC4 self-clinching stainless steel panel fasteners install permanently and "flush" (on one side) in thin stainless-steel sheets. They are made from 400 Series stainless steel for use in stainless sheets up to HRB 88 hardness on the Rockwell "B" scale and can ...Read More
Pres-On Intros Acrylic Adhesive for Mounting, Laminating

Addison, IL — Pres-On has introduced its new FFVSA Acrylic Adhesive, which has high-initial grab for improved assembly, mounting and laminating. Pres-On FFVSA exhibits high-initial grab and ultimate holding power when applied to wood, painted surfaces and plastics. The product is designed to help ...Read More
RBP Intros Environmentally Friendly Cleaner

Milwaukee, WI — RBP Chemical Technology has introduced Layer Clean NP, a new acid, nonchelating, nonchloride cleaner containing no phosphates. This environmentally friendly cleaner very effectively removes chromate conversion coating from copper laminate, as well as fingerprints and oxides. When used prior ...Read More
Scapa: Transfer Adhesive for Splicing, Bonding

Windsor, CT — Scapa North America offers Thermofilm® H212U, a heat-reactive transfer adhesive that provides structural bond strength on a range of substrates including plastics, metals, ceramics, wood, paper and woven materials. It is intended for use in general purpose bonding and electronic product ...Read More
Schleuniger Intros 4-Station Automatic Crimping Machine

Manchester, NH — New from Schleuniger, the CrimpCenter 64 HD is a fully automatic crimping machine for up to 4 processing stations for high quality processing of crimp and seal cable applications. Various configuration possibilities allow for a variety of medium to large applications between 10 and ...Read More
Schurter Sealed Piezo Switches Get Expanded Rating

Santa Rosa, CA — Schurter's broad range of piezo switches now meets the seal-tight protection class of IP69K. The already tried-and-tested PSE family is suitable for an even wider spectrum of potential applications, having withstood the stringent qualification test according to IEC 60529. The test ...Read More
SouthCoast Intros Elevating Conveyor/Prefeeder

New Bedford, MA — SouthCoast Control Engineering, Inc. has introduced a new elevating conveyor/prefeeder for bulk conveying. It can be provided in a variety of heights and with a variety of belting and bin sizes to suit diverse applications. The design is applicable to a range of industries, including ...Read More
Topline: QFP Pin Straightening Tool

Garden Grove, CA — Topline has introduced a universal QFP tool that enables reworking and aligning bent pins on all sizes QFP and TQFP, pitch 0.4mm to 1.0mm. The tool consists of a durable metal template that includes 46 different QFP patterns, allowing the use of standard hand tools such as dental ...Read More
Xuron: Compact Wire Cutter & Stripper

Saco, ME — Xuron Corporation's Model 501 Wire Cutter and Stripper is a compact, industrial-duty hand tool that has a by-pass flush cutter, cushioned handles with a return spring, and easily adjusts to eight different wire sizes. The tool is manufactured from alloyed steel and has a full by-pass cutter ...Read More
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