Monday, June 25, 2018

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Socket Adapter Systems from AIC
Socket adapters.
West Warwick, RI — BGA socket adapter systems from Advanced Interconnections Corp. solve reflow temperature mismatch issues when using lead-free devices on existing boards with standard solder profiles. When device packages are transitioned to lead-free, OEMs with RoHS-Exempt products must change board soldering profiles and re-qualify existing components just to accommodate the higher processing temperatures required for proper lead-free device attach. The added costs and time delays associated with changing profiles or redesigning boards can be avoided by using socket adapter systems from Advanced.

Using the BGA socket adapter system, lead-free device packages are soldered to RoHS compliant adapters in a high temperature reflow profile. The boards are processed with standard sockets, featuring tin/lead solder ball terminals, without changing the board soldering profile. The device/adapter assembly is easily plugged in to the board-mounted socket after board processing. Incorporating the adapter system into RoHS-Exempt designs protects components that may be sensitive to higher reflow temperatures and eliminates the need to scrap existing boards or change profiles.

The company also offers BGA and LGA device-to-adapter attach services and provides tape-and-reel packaging services to facilitate automated processing. For RoHS-Compliant applications, the company produces sockets with tin/silver/copper solder ball terminals. Complete product specifications as well as an extensive database of footprints from 0.50mm to 1.27mm pitch are available online at

For more information, contact: Advanced Interconnections Corp., 5 Energy Way, West Warwick, RI 02893. 800-424-9850 or 401-823-5200; fax: 401-823-8723. E-mail: Web:

See at EDS Booth #1255P.

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