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Partnering to Complete a Military Special Project

In early 2005, the US Army leadership was concerned about the lack of consistent performance of some of the detonating devices being used in Iraq and Afghanistan. The difficult environment in the Middle East called for a running change in design in order to achieve 100 percent reliability. Design changes for these devices had been discussed by General Dynamics' engineering staff for over two years but now definitive action was required. General Dynamic's current design called for an Abbatron/HH Smith standard mil-spec insulated binding post, but a new design was necessary to achieve the objective.

A team of people from Abbatron, the local rep, and the Allied Orlando Branch worked closely with the Orlando Armaments Division of General Dynamics on a special project for our military to create the needed new design.

It was collectively decided that a modified Abbatron spring-loaded binding post would solve the problem and an emergency order for the new design was placed with the Allied Electronics' Orlando Sales Branch.

Erich Winter, Allied Branch Manager, recalls: "Abbatron just does not miss delivery dates, but there was nothing ordinary about this order. All I had was an order for 18,400 components of a newly designed Abbatron part not yet in production, with a critical due date established by the US Army. I was constantly being reassured by Abbatron's field service and training personnel, and Chuck Erikson, Abbatron's National Sales Manager that everything was going well. Two weeks before the critical delivery date, the General Dynamics project manager called with another design change but stated it was the final one. The necessary design changes were made and the order was delivered five days before the due date."

"The day the components were delivered to General Dynamics and the US Army, Bob Sok, Abbatron's CEO and a Vietnam veteran, showed up at my office, stating that this was the most important order that Allied Electronics and Abbatron had ever received together and that it might be the only order we processed that we knew would directly support our young fighting men and women. We agreed that if there was just a remote chance that we could work together and save one life by what we were doing, then anything we might have to endure would be worth it. It would be nothing in comparison to what our military personnel were sacrificing. The job would be done. I shared with Bob that it was the largest order we had ever placed with Abbatron and none would ever be as important in supporting our troops overseas."

Abbatron, located in Meadville, Pennsylvania, has a 40,000 square foot facility that is equipped with a wide variety of screw machines, CNC lathes, molders, stamping machines, and more. The company manufactures binding posts, banana jacks and plugs, test tips, test leads, general hardware components, and spacers and standoffs. The company also specializes in custom machined products that are manufactured to the customer's requirements.

For more information, contact: Abbatron, P.O. Box 726, Meadville, PA 16335 814-724-6440 fax: 814-333-1912 E-mail: sales@abbatron.com Web: http://www.abbatron.com

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