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2-Axis Video Measurement System from Vision

New Milford, CT — Vision Engineering has introduced its Merlin 300, a 2-axis video measurement system. The new system is described as an extremely sophisticated unit, easy to operate, that allows the user to "plug and play". By offering the video image solution for parts measuring applications, the ...
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Viscom Intros Hi-Thruput AOI System

Norcross, GA — Viscom has introduced the new S3088-II high-speed AOI system, successor model of the S3088. With its numerous new features, including the company's 8M sensor technology and EasyPro3D user interface, the system guarantees fast and reliable post-reflow, post-print or post-placement inspection. It offers full inspection of assemblies on PC boards up to...

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Sunstone Releases Updated Software

Mulino, OR — Sunstone Circuits has released PCB123 version 3.0 — the next generation of its complete circuit board design solution for the electronics design industry. As with all previous versions, PC board123 remains free. The updated software...

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Topline: Double Layer ESD Rubber Mat

Garden Grove, CA — Topline has introduced a double layer ESD rubber mat with accessories, consisting of cut mats with grounding cord and comfortable wrist strap. The mat's double layer structure is comprised of upper static dissipative layer and conductive bottom layer — the correct combination ...
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Seica: Selective Soldering and Flying Probes

Salem, NH — The latest addition to Seica's growing portfolio, the Firefly concentrates all the power and precision of laser technology into the automated selective soldering process. Firefly integrates the company's easy-to-use VIP software, which includes a completely new automatic program development ...
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Struers: High-Precision Microvias

Westlake, OH — Custom designed for the PC board manufacturing industry, the ViaSampling System from Struers allows extraction of coupons from anywhere on the production board. The company has also developed ViaKit — a complete coupon preparation toolkit — with the capability of preparing up ...
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Mydata's Jet Printer Gets Updated

Rowley, MA — Mydata Automation'sas MY500 jet printer, a stencil-free printer, applies solder paste directly to PC boards — offering many advantages over the industry's standard screen printers. It uses a patented Jet Printing Technology® to shoot volumes of solder paste up to 500 dots per second ...
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JTAG Releases Upgraded Boundary-Scan Software

Stevensville, MD — JTAG Technologies has unveiled the latest release of its flagship development tool, JTAG ProVision. ProVision now encompasses even more functionality within its highly graphical user interface. The level of automation provided by the software has been enhanced significantly, enabling users ...
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Tabletop Reflow Simulator from Malcomtech

Hayward, CA — Malcomtech is introducing a new tabletop reflow simulator that can take video to analyze curving and warping of electronic parts and boards due to thermal stress — using actual reflow conditions, during components wetting process in the reflow oven. The system simulates the temperature profile ...
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I&J Fisnar: Precision Lubricant Dispensing

Fair Lawn, NJ — The I&J Fisnar Inc. model SV1217SS spray valve and programmable controller SVC100 can precisely direct a fine mist of lubricant to critical moving parts using time and pressure sequencing. These are machine parts that require constant lubricating of their surface areas — such as ...
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JOT Automation Intros Flexible Router

Irving, TX — New from JOT Automation, the J501-45 Maxi-router joins a wide range of routers including the Mini and High-speed router. The new machine was built and designed in response to a need for more flexible inline depaneling systems. It supports the large variety of electronics industry manufacturing
process areas like test and assembly lines or cells....
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HumiSeal Intros Water Based Conformal Coating

Bridgewater, MA — HumiSeal has launched its 1H20 AR3 water based conformal coating solution. Calling the new product "revolutionary," the company expects the product to be able to reduce VOC emissions without compromising functionality or reliability. The new water-based conformal coating can protect
electronics assemblies at temperature extremes far beyond...
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Goepel Intros Advanced AOI System

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has introduced a new version of the successful in-line OptiCon Advanced Line AOI system. The improved version provides an increase in test speed by up to 30 percent. This is achieved with a combination of a new linear drive concept which enables high speed positioning ...
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Henkel Launches Toluene-Free Conformal Coating

Irvine, CA — Henkel has launched a new quick drying, toluene-free conformal coating system, Hysol® PC62. Based on the company's popular Hysol PC52 platform, the new formulation is a one-component solvent-based acrylic conformal coating that provides environmental and mechanical protection for PC ...
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FocalSpot Intros Horizontal X-Ray Inspection System

San Diego, CA — FocalSpot, Inc. has introduced the Verifier H Series, horizontal-beam x-ray inspection system designed for industrial, automotive and medical applications. The system is designed to provide manufacturing quality assessment and defect detection...

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EFD Unveils New Fluid Dispensing Components

Providence, RI — EFD's new Optimum syringe barrels, cartridges and pistons have benefited from a new, fresh design approach. According to the company, traditional dispensing components were based on medical syringes and modified for industrial use. In developing the new Optimum system, the company ... took a fresh approach and used Computational Fluid Dynamics...

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New Line Control System from FlexLink

Allentown, PA — FlexLink's new X85 release is based largely on modular thinking for easy engineering and fast ramp-up. The same principle is the foundation for the new X85 line control system. Increased line efficiency is offered through easy line balancing and a high dynamic buffering capacity, with a low ...
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Digitaltest Upgrades Testers, Software

Concord, CA — Digitaltest's innovative Condor Flying Probe, Lambda tester, MTS30 FCT solution and its software offerings all now have new features. The second generation Flying Prober Condor 500 uses special drive technology and linear motors to provide high speed and high accuracy in fine-pitch ..applications. The system is now 30 percent faster than previous models. Integrated...

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Intelligent Thermal Profiler from ECD

Milwaukie, OR ECD has introduced its MEGAM.O.L.E. 20 Thermal Profiler, described as the first profiler with built-in intelligence, 20 channels, and one-button go/no-go profile validation.

The Profiler has an ultra thin design at 7.2 mm and uses patent-pending NANO-connectors, suitable for restricted-space applications and/or increased thermal...

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Dage: X-ray Inspection with 2.0 MegaPixel Imaging

Fremont, CA — Dage Precision Industries has equipped its XiDAT XD7600NT digital x-ray inspection system with a standard 2.0 mega pixel imaging system. According to the company, the system's innovative look and manipulator design provides oblique angle viewing of up to 70° for...

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