Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Huntron Intros 2 New Robotic Prober Test Systems
Robotic probing system.
Mill Creek, WA — Huntron, Inc. has introduced a new Access USB Robotic Prober product family. These new robotic platforms, the Huntron Access USB and the Huntron Access 2 USB, incorporate USB frame grabbers, linear encoders, and can be configured with the company's Tracker Model 30 embedded inside. This enables the use of a single USB connection to the PC.

The new products also work with the ProTrack and TrackerPXI. The Access 2 USB provides a larger platform, with a maximum board-under-test size of 22 x 23-in. while the Access USB prober can handle boards up to 19.4 x 14-in.

The probers provide an integrated diagnostic station, with the Tracker and frame grabber built into the prober. This allows integration to a black box or system tester with a single USB connection and one power plug.

The company has added a second camera that displays a real-time image of the actual probing of the board under test.

By migrating the Access probers over to USB cameras and embedding the Tracker Model 30, the new testers take advantage of smaller footprint laptops or other test PCs to control and run the systems. This saves valuable bench real estate and allows the systems to be integrated with other functional test systems without using card slot resources. According to the company, both probers use linear encoders to drive the robotic test head for an accuracy of 20µ.

For more information, contact: Huntron Inc., 15720 Mill Creek, Blvd., Mill Creek, WA 98012 800-426-9265 or 425-743-3171 fax: 425-743-1360 E-mail: Web:


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