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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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Watch Our Front Page
Jacob Fattal, Publisher .

Nothing is as constant in this world as change, and at U.S. Tech, we have been changing and changing and changing. Our web site is the most obvious part of this change, for
now we change the front page every weekday with important breaking news about the electronics manufacturing industry, and its ancillary industries.

We have added a web editor to our staff whose job it is to mine for important new stories every day and edit them and post them to our website. This revolving news page gives our readers an
extra incentive to turn to our website every day where we present a news capsule that can be digested in a couple of minutes. We do not drag our readers down horrendous pathways with
never-ending stories. Nothing we publish will produce a yawn; that's one of our important criteria.

Aside from the revolving front page, our website in general has had a major overhaul; it's brighter, more exciting and easier to use than ever. And if you want to practice your Mandarin, you're only a keyclick away from seeing U.S. Tech in Chinese. That's right, Chinese.

We do not do dull, dry, often erroneous machine translation; we have a staff of Chinese professionals who give us a well-written, well-presented Mandarin version of the publication.

This is far from an easy undertaking. One of the foibles of printed Mandarin is the character count for the opening paragraph; each lead paragraph on every item, every feature, every product, every news item, must have a character count within a certain neighborhood, or else the esthetics of the Chinese translation will be impaired. As part of our global thrust, we are appearing at more overseas trade shows, not just the ones in the U.S. Our staff (and hard copies) travel to Mexico, Toronto, Nuremberg, Hanover, and Shanghai, with plans for still other global shows.

We are doing all of this to make certain that U.S. Tech continues to provide our
readers and advertisers with a dynamic, state-of-the-art publication that is the only place to look for information about our industry.  

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