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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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Mouser Electronics Now Stocking Amphenol Smart Card Connectors & Avago Signal Conditioner
Mansfield, TX — Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking a variety of C700 Smart Card Connectors from Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics, a division of Amphenol Corporation. Smart Card Connectors are integral components of a smart card reader or terminal and provide electrical contact to the smartcard's pads. Designed according to ISO 7816, the connectors make secure contact to the cards for reliable data transmission.

Communication with the chip card begins when the card is fully inserted and data contacts are all connected. An integral card presence switch is activated and signals to the connected circuitry that the card is ready to read/write.

Amphenol-Tuchel offers one of the broadest product portfolios of Smart Card readers from miniature size SIMS over low profile SMT up to high-end value-added versions such as hybrid readers. Hybrid readers are the preferred answer when it comes to dual technology (magnetic stripe and chip) smart card applications.

There are a variety of Smart Card series including Vario, PUSHMATIC®II, PUSHMATIC® Slim, Flex, PCB Wiping, PCB Landing, Landing EZ, Hybrid, SIMLOCK®, SIMBLOCK®, and WINGBLOCK. Smart Card solutions are used in applications ranging from payment terminals, Set Top Boxes, and vending machines, to access control units and automotive applications.

A new series of PCB Landing and PCB Slimline readers offer PCI PED (Payment Card Industry Pin Entry Device) protection. The security covers are optionally available and can be customized to fit into specific dimensions. The readers also feature a tap-proof contact design and a one-card slot to avoid skimming attacks. Both cards are Pick-and-Place SMT mountable to ensure a cost-efficient assembling process.

In another move, Mouser Electronics is now stocking the APDS-9700 miniature single-chip signal conditioning IC from Avago

Technologies. The IC enhances the performance and robustness of optical sensors used for proximity or object detection in consumer and industrial applications.

When used with optical proximity sensors, the IC reportedly provides accurate and robust detection of objects in ambient light and sunlight conditions and will allow design engineers to package more functionality into those applications where printed circuit board space is limited. As a result, the IC will provide designers with a total solution that offers ease of implementation and cost savings. Packaged in an eight-pin QFN package measuring 0.55 x 2 x 2mm, the IC combines the functionality of signal conditioning for proximity sensing into a single chip to reduce the number of required components. The APDS-9700 includes an LED driver circuit, artificial light immunity, sunlight cancellation.

The signal conditioning IC is suitable for use in such devices as PDAs, mobile phones, handheld games, and laptop computers, as well as vending machines, industrial automation equipment, contactless switches, and sanitary automation devices.

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