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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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Microelectronics Research Center Opens at Endicott
Endicott, NY — The Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM) located at the Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EIT) facility has been inaugurated. A collaborative effort by Binghamton University, Endicott Interconnect Technologies and Cornell University, the CAMM will pioneer microelectronics manufacturing research and development in a roll-to-roll (R2R) format. These efforts will result in flexible, rugged, lightweight electronic components and innovative products.

Such products will be critical to next-generation applications in areas such as military and homeland security, lighting, energy and power generation, displays, and product identification and tracking. Plans for the CAMM were initiated in 2005 when the United States Display Consortium (USDC) selected Binghamton University to manage this new initiative. The USDC provided $12 million in equipment to establish the CAMM, which is hosted by EIT and draws collaborative resources from Cornell University.

From this initial collaboration, the CAMM has grown into a facility that consists of a 10,000 square foot area and clean room. It includes an integrated roll-to-roll flexible electronics prototype manufacturing line, and an associated microfabrication laboratory. CAMM facilities also include a precision lithography stepper, vacuum coaters, and an in-line defect inspection capability.

Currently, most advanced electronics components are produced on silicon or quartz wafers, or on plates of specialized glass in a "batch" process that has been the backbone of the integrated circuit (IC) and flat panel display (FPD) industries. A R2R process, which integrates electronics on flexible plastic means, in theory, that components can be produced more efficiently, at higher yields and at a lower cost than is common practice today.

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