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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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PI Intros New Piezo Nanopositioners
Ceramic piezo nanopositioning actuators. .
Auburn, MA — A new line of compact ceramic piezo motors and nanopositioning actuators from PI replace classical actuators and motion control components in precision motion control applications such as found in the semiconductor, photonics and nano-biotechnology. High-speed motors, high force actuators and zero-wear flexure designs are available for the fast-response, vacuum compatible system.

The company is offering three advanced types of ceramic, non-magnetic linear motor actuators. The three types are distinguished by force, travel range, and speed and precision. For short travel ranges (<1mm), high forces and very rapid response (sub-millisecond feasible) the PiezoMove® type flexure actuators are recommended. Basically unlimited travel ranges are provided by both the ultrasonic motor actuators (PILine®) and piezo stepping linear motor type actuators (NEXACT® and NEXLINE®). While the faster ultrasonic motor actuators provide speeds to 800mm/sec (32-in./sec), the piezo stepping motor types provide higher resolution and force. The piezo systems do not require lubricants, are vacuum compatible, provide millisecond responsiveness, and are non-magnetic, Applications include precision motion control in optics and imaging applications, fast valve control, high-energy physics, high magnetic fields, vacuum applications, precision liquid dispensing, scanning microscopy, OCT, and MRI.

The linear motor actuators are non-magnetic, bakeable to 150°C, and vacuum-compatible, self-locking at rest, providing basically unlimited linear travel. Their stiff construction provides millisecond responsiveness and high bandwidth.

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