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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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LDS Intros Fiber Optic Isolated Probe
Digital fiber-optic system.
Middleton, WI — The LDS-Nicolet Isobe 5600 Isolated Probe System is the third generation of optically isolated probes designed by LDS Test and Measurement. A smaller size, improvement in performance, and extended battery operation time compared to its predecessors make the Isobe 5600 the leading product for use in the most demanding test lab applications.

The Isolated Probe System is designed for applications that require true optical voltage isolation for safe and accurate measurements. Successful operation of any laboratory or test cell relies on disturbance-free, accurate measurements, and optical isolation is the most effective way to achieve this. Optical isolation is an effective method of providing voltage isolation, more demanding current shunt measurements, or isolation for safety reasons, such as for use in ballistics or explosive applications testing.

There are two principal ways of transmitting signals via fiber-optic links: analog or digital. The digital link incorporated into the new probes enables measured signals to be digitized with an A-to-D converter close to the test object, transmitted via fiber optics, processed directly in digital form, and converted back to an analog signal with a D-to-A converter.

Digital fiber-optic systems do not exhibit drift or noise problems and thus surpass their analog counterparts when it comes to dynamic accuracy. Bringing the A-to-D converters close to the test object, however, means that the power for the A-to-D converters must be supplied by batteries to avoid any coupling with the environment. The Isobe 5600 eliminates the use of floating scopes or DAQ systems, protecting both the operator and the instrument even where high voltage and high EMI are involved. The Isobe 5600 offers remote operation, excellent signal fidelity and elimination of ground problems.

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