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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems from Dataq
Ethernet data acquisition systems.
Akron, OH — Newly introduced by Dataq Instruments, the Ethernet data acquisition models DI-785 and DI-788 represent a triple competitive threat in terms of synchronization, simplified deployment and channel density. Multiple units, separated by over 100 meters, can synchronize at sample rates as high as 180kHz per unit by simply daisy-chaining ordinary CAT-5 cables between them.

With up to 32 fully isolated channels per box, and support for as many as eight simultaneously connected boxes, no other products offer the isolated channel density and speed of these new models. The DI-785 has two built-in 16-channel 5B module backplanes. Up to 32 5B-type signal conditioning modules can be installed into these backplanes, bringing the universe of isolated industrial measurements to the instrument, including thermocouple, voltage, strain, frequency, process current, RTD, potentiometric and rms. The DI-788 is supplied with two built-in 16-channel 8B module backplanes that permit up to 32 8B-type signal conditioning modules to be installed. 8B modules support virtually any isolated industrial measurement such as thermocouple, voltage, strain, frequency, process current, RTD and potentiometric.

Both units offer 14-bit resolution, programmable gains per channel of 1, 2, 4 and 8, and a maximum sample throughput rate to 180,000 samples per second.

Each unit includes the company's patent-pending synchronous data acquisition interface, which offers advantages not found in other Ethernet data acquisition systems. Competing Ethernet instruments must cable to external hubs or switches, but these units embed the Ethernet switch in the instrument. Consequently, an instrumentation network can be constructed using minimal cables by simply connecting one instrument to another in a daisy-chain fashion. Data are acquired across multiple units synchronously, with zero latency between them.

Primary applications include distributed and synchronized maintenance and troubleshooting measurements in paper mills, steel and aluminum rolling mills, hydraulic metalworking presses, and injection-molding.

Contact: Dataq Instruments, Inc., 241 Springside Drive, Akron, OH 44333 330-668-1444 Web:

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