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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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Carlo Gavazzi Launches Thermal Analysis Services
Computer plot of temperature and airflow results.
Brockton, MA — Carlo Gavazzi Computing Solutions has inaugurated its thermal analysis service offerings for electronic enclosures and cards in the military, industrial, and oil and gas markets. Thermal analysis, conducted during both the design and production phases, performs a comprehensive overview of a chassis' or card's thermal management operation and challenges, diagnosing them before they limit the performance of the system.

In the design phase, the company utilizes CFdesign® software from Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc. to create a detailed analysis of the complete thermal management picture, specifically how the cards, boards and chassis interact in regards to cooling. Simulation thermal analysis allows engineers to examine a range of card and fan configurations to determine the best possible cooling solutions, ensuring the system performs optimally for its specific function and operating environment. This thermal simulation in the prototype stage can reduce the total project cost by an average of 65 percent. During the production phase, the company performs verification on the chassis or card in thermal chambers by analyzing airflow and temperature using advanced Cambridge Accusense sensors from DegreeC. Suitable for testing all kinds of chassis or card cooling configurations, including conduction, convection, air- or liquid-cooled models, the sensors test and verify how the chassis or card can best operate in high performance, high power applications before it is deployed in its final application.

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