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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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Vision Engineering Launches Updated Optical System
Updated optical inspection system.
New Milford, CT — Vision Engineering has launched its updated Lynx optical inspection system to provide the optimal solution for a quality department where performance matters. Now using LED illumination and an oblique and direct viewer, the updated Lynx provides a full 360° view around the components for 34x angled inspection of corners that can often be hard to reach by usual stereo inspection methods.

The Lynx is widely used in industries where stereo inspection is required, offering ergonomic performance and optimum clarity with superb optics. In addition, the system now benefits from LED illumination, projecting brighter, whiter, long-life illumination on the component part. Consumable costs have also been greatly reduced with costs decreasing by more than 80 percent and lamp life now up to an impressive 10,000 hours. The dimmable LEDs allow for every application to benefit from the precise intensity of illumination. The LED illumination can be used in conjunction with the impressive oblique and direct viewer. Coupled with the switchable direct view and the benefits of stereo viewing offered by the Lynx, surface features can be easily inspected in three dimensions without moving the workpiece.

The inspection system also benefits from the company's patented Dynascope eyepieceless technology to offer users advanced ergonomics by removing the restriction of conventional binocular eyepieces. Movement of the head and eyes no longer means losing the field of vision, providing complete freedom of head movement, significantly reducing operator fatigue over long periods of time. With ergonomics optimized and the oblique and direct viewer offering maximized rotational views, the system offers increased productivity and precision for inspecting component parts.

Contact: Vision Engineering, 570 Danbury Rd., New Milford, CT 06776. 860-355-3776 fax: 860-355-0712. Web:

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