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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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SmartMove: Wave Exit Cooling Conveyor
All-in-one cooling conveyor. .
Fall River, MA — An innovative conveyor system that has full-ribbed belting, cooling tunnel, and holding zone is being introduced by SmartMove Conveyors. This all-in-one conveyor system will safely transfer and cool hot circuit boards from the wave solder exit to a unique brush surface board holding zone.

The company's unusual full-ribbed belting provides minimal surface contact while transferring 450° circuit boards. It accepts boards from the output of the wave solder machine by matching its angle, height and speed, and gradually declines the boards through a cooling zone.

The cooling zone, Gradient Cooler, works with ambient air temperature to provide a high cfm air flow to gradually cool wave solder boards. The unit provides 130 cfm of ambient airflow parallel to the belt travel for superior stress-relieved cooling. Hot items are moved toward the cooling unit where they are bathed in a stream of air that gradually cools them to room temperature.

The holding zone includes the company's special brush belting that is formulated of non-abrasive polypropylene with ESD and Teflon additives. Very thin bristles are molded to the belting in a varying height scheme to provide minimal surface contact with circuit boards. When circuit boards reach the end of the zone, they are stopped and the surface bristles easily deflect around or under board components without causing any damage to the belt or product — thereby eliminating the need for using photo-electric sensors to start and stop conveyor.

The all-in-one wave exit conveyor provides consistent gradual cooling, simple set-up since it is shipped fully assembled, and three processes available in one conveyor — exiting, cooling, and accumulating, and finally low power consumption.

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