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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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Robotic Laser Inspection Arm from Metris
Laser inspection robot arm. .
Leuven, Belgium — Metris has introduced RCA, the revolutionary Robot CMM Arm designed for the company's laser scanning inspection. The new robot arm offers the automation capability of a traditional CMM and the mobility and part accessibility of an articulated arm. A rugged design, easy programming and intrinsic absolute accuracy increase 3D laser scanning productivity and flexibility of on-site inspection assignments.

Metris RCA is a robotized CMM arm that introduces patented technology to accelerate repetitive 3D inspection jobs. The Robot CMM Arm combines a highly accurate internal 7-axis articulated arm with an external skeleton driven by electric motors. This unusual concept creates a measuring robot that drives a Metris MMD laser scanner along the programmed motion path.

Premium encoder technology and stiff carbon fiber axes mean that the arm intrinsically offers truly absolute measurement accuracy within an inspection volume of 4.2m diameter.

The first release of RCA is equipped with the company's MMD laser scanner, with more compatible laser scanner types to follow soon. These laser scanners reportedly have excellent material scanning capabilities and offer fast data acquisition for both feature and surface inspection.

According to the company, the robot arm's 7 degrees of freedom gives it infinite options to access any inspection location. The RCA is capable of accessing inner cavity locations of specimens, such as vehicle body shells. Unlimited accessibility is a major leap forward compared to traditional CMMs that face difficulty reaching enclosed part surfaces. In addition, RCA supports continuous adaptation of scanner orientation in order to consequently maintain optimal scanning conditions.

The RCA is an innovative robotic metrology device that seamlessly integrates with the company's Camio CMM software. Scanner path and orientation can be interactively defined using a handheld control panel, or directly from CAD using Camio's off-line programming capability. The inspection process — from scan data acquisition to full-featured reporting — is executed from within Metris Camio. Alternatively, process automation engineers may opt for a third-party robot programming software to define RCA motion.

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