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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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Cooling Densely Packaged Chassis

In 2001, PICMG, the PCI (Personal Computer Interconnect) Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group released the ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture, or AdvancedTCA) standards to help develop a modular, PC-style approach for next-generation telecom equipment. Over ...Read More
How SMT Fasteners Solve Production Problems

Traditional hardware options for assembling printed circuit boards have always carried potential baggage. The tedious and exacting process of handling and installing loose hardware often drains productivity. Broaching fasteners, while typically a more efficient alternative, can damage ...Read More
Improving Productivity with Flexible Production Logistics

Being a manufacturer in the electronics industry is not easy. Customers are demanding more for less money and products quickly become mainstream commodities, making it easy to shop from someone else. And the electronics industry has delivered, making great technological improvements while cutting prices ...

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Tooling for the SMT Process

Surface mount pallets (or carriers) are often an essential part of achieving consistent, highest quality success with new product introduction (NPI) or production volume builds. These tools are not new to the industry and are a proven part of designing a robust SMT process. Oftentimes only mechanical ...Read More
Under Bump Metallization: Some Economical Alternatives

Under Bump Metallization (UBM) is required for connecting the die to the substrate with solder bumps for Flip-Chip packages. The UBM of the integrated circuit (IC) bonds pads that are typically aluminum but can be copper. This is an essential process step for the reliability of the ...
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