Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Scheugenpflug: Dispensing Automation

Neustadt, Germany — Scheugenpflug's powerful CNCell with Rotary Table is a versatile unit that simultaneously automates at least four different production steps and skillfully balances the man/machine interaction to promote lean production.
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Shin-Etsu: Hi Reliability Bonding Materials for LEDs

Akron, OH — Shin-Etsu Silicones of America (U.S. subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan) has introduced a diverse line of silicone die-bond materials that provide advanced encapsulating performance for high-brightness LEDs (HBLED).
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3M Intros Halogen-Free Capacitance Material

Austin, TX — The 3M® Electronic Solutions Division now offers halogen-free versions of its Embedded Capacitance Material (ECM). The material is a thin, high-performance capacitor laminate, which can be embedded into printed circuit boards (PCBs) and computer chip packages to reduce impedance, power bus noise ...
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ASYS: Laser Marking System

Atlanta, GA — ASYS Automation's in-line laser marking system BLS 01, is designed to mark codes, images and clear text directly into the solder resist. The laser and the galvo head are mounted above a conveyor on a programmable X/Y-gantry. The PCB is clamped and secured while the laser is being moved to the ...
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Fujipoly: Thermal Interface Compound

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly's Sarcon® SPG-30A is a newly developed high-viscosity, thermal interface silicone compound that is designed to efficiently transfer heat from a board-level source to a heat sink or heat spreader. This high-performance material offers a thermal conductivity of 3.2W/m°K ...
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MH&W: Ultra-Low Silicone Thermal Gap Filler

Mahwah, NJ — MH&W International has added new TP-S3LS ultra-low silicone gap fillers to its line of thermal interface materials. TP-S3LS pads contain less than 50 parts per million of silicone while providing 3.0W/mK of thermal conductivity between hot components and their heat sinks. The gap filler ...
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DKN Research: Fine Silver Trace Technology

Haverhill, MA — DKN Research can now provide a fine thick film circuit technology down to 50µ line/space. This is possible through an advanced screen-printing process using special silver inks and related materials that include substrates and insulating materials as the fundamental technology ...
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Electrolube Launches Aqueous Cleaners

Kingsbury Park, UK — Electrolube has launched two innovative new cleaning products, extending the company's Safewash Range. The two aqueous cleaning solutions, SWNS and SWNP, are intended for use on sensitive surfaces such as LCDs, optical lenses and OLEDs. Balanced with neutral pH, the two new cleaning ...
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Heraeus Intros Dielectric Paste

West Conshohocken, PA — The Thick Film Materials Business Unit of Heraeus has developed two new products to improve the efficiency of mounting silicon ICs to aluminum substrates. Working in tandem, this new thick film dielectric and conductor system provides very low thermal resistance between the ...
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HumiSeal: Interactive Conformal Coating CD-ROM

Camberley, UK — HumiSeal has participated in the launch of the world's first interactive CD-ROM dedicated to conformal coating. Working as part of a collaboration of companies (Gen3 Systems and SCH Technologies) and industry expert, Bob Willis, the CD-ROM provides a simple guide to the use of coatings ...
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Nusil Intros Controlled-Volatility Silicone Foam

Carpinteria, CA — NuSil Technology has introduced what it calls the first controlled-volatility silicone foam in the industry. Designed mainly for aerospace, electronics and optic applications where outgassing is a concern, CV-2391 is a low outgassing, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) foam that ...
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Sealant Equipment: Meter-Mix Dispense System

Plymouth, MI — Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.'s See-Flo® 1100 is a new and improved fixed-ratio, positive displacement, meter-mix dispense system that is suitable for manual and automated adhesive and sealant applications in the production and assembly of glass, metal, plastic and composite ...
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Speedline Intros Dual Head Synch Dispensing

Franklin, MA — Speedline Technologies has introduced a new patent-pending fail-safe approach to simultaneous underfill dispensing using the company's non-contact Camalot SmartStream® dispense pumps. The "synchronous" dispense mode has already proven itself proficient in improving throughput by ...
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Reworkable Underfill from Zymet

East Hanover, NJ — Zymet has introduced a new reworkable underfill encapsulant, CN-1728, designed to underfill Package-on-Package (POP) assemblies. Underfilled POPs have greater difficulty in passing thermal cycle tests than underfilled BGAs. Compared to earlier generation underfills, CN-1728 has ...
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Plasma Etch Intros Low Cost Cleaning System

Carson City, NV — Plasma Etch, Inc. is introducing a highly affordable benchtop plasma cleaning system, the PE-50, designed specifically for Universities and R&D facilities.
The PE-50 utilizes a substantial 6 x 6 x 4-in. aluminum vacuum chamber for accommodating substrates up to 5 x 5-in. with 3-in. of height clearance. The system includes a 125W 50kHz RF power supply provided with continuously variable power...

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Mixpac Intros Portable Benchtop Dispenser

Salem, NH — Mixpac Equipment Inc. has unveiled its new DXB Bench Dispenser, a portable, benchtop unit that offers a fast, simple and accurate solution for dispensing two-component reactive resins in a wide variety of ratios.
The dispenser is a highly versatile and economic dispensing system that allows the A and B components of flowable adhesives to be gravity-fed from separate, refillable 2-gallon containers through an integral DXB Dispenser. This benchtop unit, which comes with a foot pedal actuator, allows for hands-free operation that ensures precise mix ratios and reproducible results. The stand is fully adjustable...

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Fisnar: Medical Device Dispensing Valve

Wayne, NJ — The model DV509 Diaphragm Valve from Fisnar Inc. is a lightweight valve designed to dispense low-to-medium viscosity fluids with the important advantage of keeping the wetted parts separated from the operating air supply. This is particularly useful in dispensing Cyanoacrylate, reagents, UV adhesives and aggressive substances. Diaphragm valves with Stainless Steel and UHMW bodies are also available.
Micro shot sizes are fine-tuned using the valve adjustment 

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Epoxies Etc: Green Potting Compounds

Cranston, RI — New from Epoxies, Etc., the new Green Series of Polyurethane Potting & Encapsulating Compounds is good for the environment and suitable for electronic assembly applications. These Polyurethane Systems are elastomeric and range in durometer from a gel to Shore 80A. They therefore provide ...
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Dow Intros Polymer Polishing Pads

Midland, MI — Dow Electronic Materials has introduced the Optivision 4540 CMP Polishing Pad designed to deliver low defects and low cost of ownership over pad lifetime. The new pad is formulated with a special, surfactant-free, polymer chemistry and pore structure to help minimize defects and ...
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Electrolube Non-VOC Conformal Coating Extended

Swadlincote, UK — Electrolube has introduced NVOC conformal coating — a flexible, moisture cure, conformal coating applications. The product has been designed to meet the high performance of solvent-based coatings without the use of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and with minimal changes to processing parameters. NVOC conformal coating has been tested to many important standards recognized in the electronics industry, proving that it is a viable, special alternative to many standard solvent-based conformal coatings.

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