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ERSA Intros On and Offline Selective Soldering System
Publication Date: 8/12/2010

Wertheim, Germany — ERSA is introducing its newest product, called the ECOCELL. The system operates following the Toyota principle, with the flow of the printed circuit boards in a counter-clockwise direction. This U-flow arrangement is suitable for operation as production islands, but can also be ...
Manncorp: Compact Wave Solder Machine
Publication Date: 7/7/2010

Huntingdon Valley, PA — Manncorp has introduced System 16.350, a spin-off of the Model 28.400, one of the best-selling high-volume wave solder machines the company has ever offered. The new, smaller system is in response to customer requests for smaller wave solder machines with many of the key features ...
Jovy Rework Station Reflectors from AVRepair
Publication Date: 6/3/2010

Old Town, FL — AVRepair, Inc. has added another new accessory to complement the Jovy Systems Products' BGA Rework Station, the RE-7500. The new accessory is an upper heater reflector. AVRepair, Inc. is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Jovy Systems Products.
Manncorp: Selective Soldering System
Publication Date: 6/3/2010

Willow Grove, PA — Manncorp's IS-450 selective soldering system is now part of the company's extensive equipment line. The product automatically solders through-hole components onto mixed technology PCBs using an under-board mini-wave that precisely solders connectors, capacitors and high-power devices ...
Hakko: Hot-Air PCB Preheater
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Valencia, CA — The Hakko FR-830 is a compact, low-cost solution for hot-air preheating of printed circuit boards. The unit's design reportedly delivers fast, consistent heat through the closed-loop temperature control, allowing users to select a preheating temperature between 300 and 572°F (150 ...
OK Int'l: Powerful Modular Rework System
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Garden Grove, CA — Among the innovative technologies from OK International is the recently introduced MRS-1000 Modular Rework System. This powerful high accuracy bench top solution is suitable for processes requiring precise control such as the removal of delicate miniature SMT components. \par ...
Pace: Digital Soldering System
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Southern Pines, NC — Pace Worldwide has introduced the new gold anniversary edition WJS-100 High-Power Soldering System. The new product includes all the advanced process control technology needed with nearly twice the maximum power output to make easy work of the most challenging, high-thermal ...
RPS Intros MIL-Compliant Lead Tinning System
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Spokane Valley, WA — RPS Automation LLC has introduced the Anthem Lead Tinning System, a fully ANSI, MIL, IEC and GEIA compliant system. The product is the first of its kind to offer this level of high reliability military standards compliance in a small-footprint and affordable package.
Vitronics Soltec: Improved Selective Soldering
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Stratham, NH — Vitronics Soltec has unveiled new improvements and advances in selective soldering technology that include a significant increase in processing speed in the new "Enhanced" mySelective 6745 system. The faster speed is due to a new parallel processing design and dual soldering nozzles ...
ACE Intros Service Cart for Quick Solder Pot Change-Outs
Publication Date: 2/6/2010

Spokane, WA — ACE Production Technologies has introduced a new Service Cart that speeds and simplifies the swapping or change-out of solder pots for its KISS family of Selective Soldering machines. Use of the stable cart makes solder pot exchange simple, fast, safe, and requires minimal effort. ...
APS: Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine
Publication Date: 2/6/2010

Huntingdon Valley, PA — APS Novastar, LLC has introduced its new EWS-310 Wave Soldering Machine. According to the company, the new machine delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in a compact footprint. With continuous PCB width adjustment, the wave solderer accommodates boards up to 12-in. ...
ERSA: Compact Solder Fume Extraction
Publication Date: 2/6/2010

Wertheim, Germany — The filter unit ERSA Easy Arm Extraction EA 55 i is a compact and powerful system to efficiently clean soldering process air at the workbench. The system can be used with either the i-CON1 C or i-CON2 C soldering stations, connected with an interface cable.
Removable Terminal Carriers from AIC
Publication Date: 2/6/2010

West Warwick, RI — Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers from Advanced Interconnections Corp. are described as the best solution for device socketing and board-to-board interconnect. Compared to traditional molded insulators, the ultra-thin, 0.005-in. (0.13mm) polyimide film carrier, employing near flush ...
OK Int'l Launches New Product Catalog
Publication Date: 11/25/2009

Garden Grove, CA — OK International has released a brand new product catalog, now available as a free download prior to the release of a print version. The catalog provides easy-to-use selection charts and has been updated with the company's latest soldering/desoldering, convection rework, fume extraction and fluid dispensing technologies — providing a useful guide to the company's extensive product range.
Spanning 48 pages, the new catalog takes
Laird Releases Thermal Management Application Note
Publication Date: 11/25/2009

St. Louis, MO — Laird Technologies, Inc. has released its new application note titled "Thermoelectric Assemblies for Medical Applications." The application note is the first in a series of notes describing the role of thermal management in numerous market segments.
Cookson Launches Laser Cut Nickel Stencil Line
Publication Date: 11/25/2009

South Plainfield, NJ — Cookson Electronics Engineered Products, an Alpha, Cookson Electronics business, has launched the Alpha® nickel line of high performance laser cut nickel stencils.
AIM Intros Jet Printable Solder Paste
Publication Date: 11/25/2009

Cranston, RI — AIM is introducing NC257MD Jet Printable Solder Paste, the result of a joint development project with MYDATA of Sweden. The solder paste is available direct from AIM or its distributors. It is supplied in syringes with bar coded labels specially designed for the MYDATA MY500 Jet Printer ...
Next Generation Stencil Technology from TMP
Publication Date: 10/28/2009

Colorado Springs, CO — Thin Metal Parts (TMP) has introduced next generation surface mount technology (SMT) for stencil products. The company has developed three new proprietary stencils, each offering a special feature set and designed to meet a wide range of specific needs in the high-quality end of the printing ...
ISI Now Certifies Reballed Parts
Publication Date: 10/28/2009

Camarillo, CA — Interconnect Systems, Inc. (ISI) has developed its reballing process to the extent the company can now certify that the silicon is protected to specific parameters throughout the process. ISI certifies that the parts are protected through the process to IPC/JEDEC J-STD MSL Classification as required by the...
Manncorp: Dual-Pot Wave Soldering Machine
Publication Date: 10/28/2009

Willow Grove, PA — Assemblers requiring lead-free as well as a conventional tin-lead soldering capability, can now opt for a wave machine that has both. Manncorp's 28.400-2 is a compact dual-pot system, mounted on transport and storage carts that allow conversion from lead-free...
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