Monday, May 21, 2018
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DEK: Asset Management Maximizes Print

Rolling Meadows, IL — DEK has launched a new Asset Management pilot program to make systems overview easier and required resource allocation more predictable. This, combined with the company's advanced suite of customer service tools, ensures that print process investments will go farther than ever before to ...
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Sunstone Updates Software with Enhancements

Mulino, OR — Sunstone Circuits has released PCB123® version 3.3 — the next generation of its complete circuit board design solution for the electronics design industry. As with all previous versions, PCB123 is available free of charge.
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Techni-Tool Adds Precision Micro-Cutters

Worcester, PA — Techni-Tool has added six new micro-cutter models to its line of Tec-Cut Infinity Elite electronics pliers and cutters. The six new tools allow users to cut electronic wires from 18 to 20 AWG. The cutters have micro-size heads, allowing for reaching into tight spaces, thus providing ...
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Wire & Part Printer from Partex

Elmhurst, IL — Partex Marking Systems North America has introduced the highly anticipated new model in the company's MK-line of marking machines for wire, cable and component marking.
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AdoptSMT Unveils New Digital FeederMaster

Grodig near Salzburg/Austria — AdoptSMT Group has introduced its latest model of the FeederMaster® calibration system for component feeders.
The original Feeder Test Jig, as it was then called by AlternativeSMT (today AdoptSMT UK), was to mechanically index Fuji CP4/3 and CP6 feeders. Then, a camera was added to...

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Assembleon Unveils Hi-Speed Autoplacer

Veldhoven, Netherlands — Royal Philips Electronics subsidiary Assembleon has unveiled the new Yamaha YS24 pick-and-place machine — a full-featured dual-sided machine that has a total of 120 feeder positions in a space of just two square meters. With speeds up to 72,000 components per hour, it ...
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Automated Rework Station from ATCO

Warminster, PA — Advanced Techniques US, Inc. (ATCO) has developed a new BGA rework station — the AT-GDP Series. Precise mechanics coupled with a comprehensive software package automate the device removal and installation processes. This model handles both leaded and lead-free applications consisting of components such as BGAs, CSPs, QFNs, Flip Chips, and other SMDs.
The AT-GDP's rigid design

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Creform Intros Versatile AGV Tug

Greer, SC — Creform has introduced its BST AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) Tite-Space Tugger, especially suited for delivering to line-side assembly points when space is at a premium. With a minimum turning radius of 400mm (17.5-in.), it slips into tight spots and leaves just as easily.
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DEK Printer Includes Print Verification

Rolling Meadows, IL — DEK has launched Sentinel, described as a breakthrough productivity-enhancing solution that lowers the cost of achieving more good boards from the stencil printing process. The new system is designed to improve yield without impacting cycle time, by allowing printing and high-speed inspection to run concurrently. According to the company, it is exceptionally easy to use and simple to set up, and is unusual in having been specifically developed for use by ...

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Fastest SMT Laser Marking System from Muhlbauer

Ehingen/Danube, Germany — The Muhlbauer WL 700 LCS is a fully automatic inline solution for marking circuit boards of a maximum size of 460 x 460mm (minimum 80 x 50mm). The compact design of the machine provides it with a footprint of 1.4m2 (15.1-ft.2), which means optimum access ...
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Hemco: Modular Clean Room

Independence, MO — Hemco has introduced its new economy clean room system that provides the benefits of modular wall panel construction and the cost-effectiveness of clear vinyl strip door entries. These rooms are built to meet class 100 to class 100,000 applications.
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Manncorp: Budget Autoplacer Uses Cut Strips

Willow Grove, PA — Manncorp has introduced a pick-and-place system aimed at OEMs who wish to prototype and perform other short-run PCB assembly in-house. Utilizing newly developed cut-strip feeders, the 7700-FV provides the high precision and versatility needed for placement of today's advanced SMDs ...
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Newport: Micromachining Laser Workstation

Irvine, CA — Newport Corporation is introducing a new micromachining workstation specifically designed for high precision laser direct-writing (LDW) and patterning. The flexible device can be integrated with several lasers to produce 2- or 3-dimensional patterning and writing on virtually any material ...
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Precision Power Screwdriver from General Tools

New York, NY — General Tools & Instruments has introduced its new Power Precision Screwdriver Model #500. The new product fills a definite need in the portable power tools market. The world didn't know how much it needed, and would come to depend on, cordless drill/drivers, until the industry invented ...
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Safe Conveyor Intros Easy Access Slide Gate

Swansea, MA — An innovative conveyor system that incorporates a gate mechanism that works like a sliding drawer to open and close without gas springs is being introduced by Safe Conveyor®. This new design, called Slide Gate, is an unusual approach to creating pathways for easy access. \par ...
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Zestron Vapor Recovery Systems Reduce VOC Emissions

Manassas, VA — Zestron America is introducing the newly developed Vapor Recovery Systems — Zestron® Condenser and Zestron Demister. Zestron demisters and condensers are specifically designed for the recovery of exhaust vapors originating from automated cleaning processes without negatively affecting the operation of the associated equipment. The impact on the annual ...

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Virtual Industries Intros Extended Reach Tips

Colorado Springs, CO — Virtual Industries Inc. is introducing the Extended Reach series of substrate handling tips for solar cells, wafers or flat panels.
The extended reach tips are available in three sizes to allow reaching up to 200mm into an area to pick up a substrate. Substrates...

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Tharo: Print Bar Code & RFID Labels with XML

Brunswick, OH — Tharo Systems, Inc. now provides an easy solution for printing bar code and RFID labels using XML (Extensible Markup Language) enabled enterprise systems. EASYLABEL® 5 Platinum's XML Monitor will watch a file directory or TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) ...
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New Gore Filters for Semicon Wet Process

Elkton, MD — W. L. Gore & Associates has introduced the new 40nm-rated filter, intended for use with chemicals in wet processes and distribution systems. The new product, added to the company's line of high-performance cartridge filters for semiconductor applications, provides 40nm retention while ...
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New Automatic Wire & Tubing Cutter from Eraser

Syracuse, NY — Eraser has introduced its Model WC302 Automatic Wire & Tubing Cutter, an automatic wire and flexible tubing cutter that easily and accurately cuts wire, tubing, and sleevings to the programmed length and number of pieces.
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