Thursday, June 21, 2018
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JPSA: Wafer Processing Systems

Manchester, NH — The IX-6100 ChromaDice Solid state laser scribing system from J. P. Sercel Associates, Inc. (JPSA) delivers high speed wafer scribing integrated with a state-of-the-art automated wafer handling system. The system provides LED manufacturers with the ability to increase production ...
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AdoptSMT Adds Feeder Calibrators & Accessories

Redhill, UK — AdoptSMT has broadened its network of suppliers — especially in the US and Asia, while simultaneously fielding a newly formed team of four technicians to search for quality premium parts worldwide. The company's enhanced product portfolio includes pre-owned SMT assembly equipment ...
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Atlas Copco Intros Pulse Nutrunner

Auburn Hills, MI — Atlas Copco Tools & Assembly Systems LLC has introduced the Pulsor C pulse nutrunner with enhanced control and monitoring features with an ergonomic advantage. Pulse tools have long been known for their fast run-down speeds and good ergonomics. Pulsor C offers all the advantages ...
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Lista: Technical Workstations

Holliston, MA — Lista International Corporation has released a line of updated Technical Electronic Workstations suitable for a wide variety of industries, including assembly, quality, repair, maintenance and laboratory applications. These modular workstations are ergonomically designed, and offer ...

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Miyachi Unitek Intros Fiber Laser Welder

Monrovia, CA — The new LF1000A 1kW fiber laser welder from Miyachi Unitek has a number of unusual features which enable both high-speed and penetration welding of steel and aluminum with high process stability and reliability. These features include real time power feedback, a 100 percent optically ...
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Mydata Updates Jet Printer

Rowley, MA — Mydata has introduced a new release of the MY500 Jet Printing technology, which the company states will reduce the response time to the end customer, while increasing quality and opening up new design opportunities. The new release of the jet printer is reportedly capable of balancing a pick-and ...
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Ovation Launches Grid-Lok Gold, Offers Free Blades

Bethlehem, PA — Ovation has launched Grid-Lok Gold, the company's latest fully automatic tooling solution for board and substrate support. An accompanying release is Magna Print, a universal squeegee blade holder and paste deflector system.
According to the company, Grid-Lok Gold offers the same automation, high-density pin array and sensitive locking technology ...

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Panasonic: Manufacturing Software System

Buffalo Grove, IL — Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America?s PanaCIM Enterprise Edition is a manufacturing execution software system (MES) that offers new levels of integration across a company's entire enterprise; streamlining processes and driving costs down no matter what mix, no matter what volume ...
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Xuron: Kevlar-Cutting Scissors

Saco, ME — A precision scissors that is especially designed for cutting Kevlar® in fiber optic cables and is ergonomically correct for production and field service applications has been introduced by Xuron Corp.
The Xuron® Model 9180 Kevlar Shear has one serrated edge to prevent the fibers from sliding and another highly sharpened edge ...

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KardexRemstar: 3 Methods of Order Picking

Westbrook, ME — Pick and pass, parallel picking and batch picking processes are available to almost any facility from KardexRemstar. By determining the equipment needed for each picking zone, the available floor space and return on investment, companies are able to increase throughput up to 500 percent ...
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Kwik Mark: Saw Blade Marking Support

McHenry, IL — Kwik Mark's new Saw Blade Marking Support is self contained, versatile and simple to operate. A benchtop base with three removable, equally-spaced arms is used to support saw blades with a range of diameters from 10 to 72-in. The three sliding spacers may be positioned along the length ...
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Low Cost Conveyors from Safe Conveyors

Swansea, MA — An innovative plastic belt conveyor system that uses special rod-less belting that eliminates installation tools, is being introduced by Safe Conveyor, Inc. This in-house molded belting called "Ball & Bar" has a smooth surface that is suitable for product transport and accumulation.
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Master Intros LCD Programmable Heat Gun

Racine, WI — Master Appliance Corp. is introducing its new UL and CUL Listed Model PH-1500 Proheat LCD Programmable Heat Gun, with six preset, changeable factory programs and easy-to-read digital display of variable temperature and air flow settings. Temperature and air flow are keypad-adjustable ...
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Muhlbauer: Card Hot Stamping System

Roding, Germany — The Muhlbauer card hot stamping system CHS 200 is a cost-efficient solution for applying hologram and signature panels from reel onto cards in format ID1. Further security features can also be applied.
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Mydata Updates Software, Includes Job Sequence Optimizer

Bromma, Sweden — Mydata has released MYPlan version 4.1, which includes a new Job Sequence Optimizer. The powerful optimization algorithm will calculate the best production sequence and changeover strategy for any mix of products and batch sizes. The software eliminates unnecessary feeder movement while maintaining ...
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Ovation Intros Tooling, Squeegee Holder

Bethlehem, PA — Ovation Products has introduced Grid-Lok Gold, the company's latest fully automatic tooling solution for board and substrate support. The new product reportedly offers the same automation, high density pin array and sensitive locking technology as its sibling, HD Grid-Lok. But the ...
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Siemens: New Rent-A-Gantry Helps Meet Peak Demands

Munich, Germany — Siemens' new Siplace SX autoplacer can virtually double its placing capacity with the addition of a second "rent-a-gantry" placement head. Users can rent a second gantry for several months to meet peak demand periods, thus obviating the need to invest in additional equipment or ...
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Static Solutions: New ESD Rubber Mats

Marlborough, MA — Ultimat ESD rubber from Static Solutions is a new technology static dissipative industrial grade two layer rubber elastomer designed for use on tables and other grounded workbench surfaces. Its electrical properties are volume dissipative unlike many of the surface dissipative ...
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Technical Devices: Water Deionizing System

Torrance, CA — The Nu/Clean D.I. Elite® Plus from Technical Devices Company is a water deionizing system that works with the Nu/Clean Aqua Batch line of Batch Cleaners as well as any other batch cleaner. It is a water treatment system with a built-in sump tank and pump, making it suitable for zero ...
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Assembléon A-Series Becomes IC Shooter

Veldhoven, Netherlands — Assembléon is introducing A-Series pick-and-place machines that now can place ICs at the same speed and accuracy as chip components using the company's new Twin Placement Robot (TPR). The TPR eliminates the need for the extra line balancers that are needed by other pick ...

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