Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Ascentech: GEN3 Solder Paste Analyzer

Chester, CT — Ascentech LLC's SPA 1000 Solder Paste Analyzer tests to the recently-released SMART Group standard, SG PCT01, "Control of Solder Paste used in Electronic Assembly Process". The new analyzer provides, for the first time, a user-friendly test procedure that may be conducted in less than  1 hour, and is intended to help electronics assemblers determine the suitability of the solder paste prior to production. The tests show the actual useful life of the paste that will help to reduce waste and ...

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CAD-Based Hi-Res Coverage from phoenix|x-ray

Wunstorf, Germany — x|act technology from phoenix|x-ray is part of the company's product line of GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, and provides simple and intuitive CAD-based µAXI with very high image magnification. The technology provides for fully automatic x-ray inspection (AXI) of PCB ...
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Digital Light Meter from Ideal

Sycamore, IL — New from Ideal Industries, the budget-priced Digital Light Meter (61-686) precisely measures incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium and halogen lamp output.
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Goepel Intros JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has introduced a new controller series named SFX/ASL1149-(x), an addition to the company's Scanflex® JTAG/Boundary Scan hardware platform. Scanflex (SFX) controllers have three integrated interfaces for GBit Ethernet, USB2.0 and Cabled PCI Express, and includes ...
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JTAG Free-for-Life Tool Cracks PCB Debug Challenge

Eindhoven, Netherlands — With the breakthrough product family, JTAG Live, debugging boards that are too crowded for traditional probing becomes much easier. JTAG Live is suitable for electronics engineers and technicians to use in checking PCBs for basic continuity and correct operation. The product family ...
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Marantz: New Solder Paste Inspection Technology

Eindhoven, Netherlands — Marantz Business Electronics has unveiled a new technology for Solder Print Inspection (SPI) that measurably outperforms all previous approaches. The Marantz PowerSpector S1 SPI system.
 The new product uses a special new "5D" technology that delivers true area, shape, offset, volume and...

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ProMik Launches Automatic Flash/IC Tester-Programmer

Nuremberg, Germany — ProMik has launched a new fully automatic flash/IC testing station, the ICTP2000, which is suitable for both stand-alone offline operation as well as for the seamless embedding into SMT production lines. The ICTP2000 fills a void for parallel microcontroller testing and flashing ...
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Acculogic Intros IEEE1149.6 Support

Markham, ON, Canada — Acculogic Manufacturing Test Systems Division has introduced its latest release of ScanNavigator software that offers full support for IEEE1149.6, an extension to IEEE1149.1 standard. The software is a suite of powerful tools for boundary-scan testing and programming based on the original ...
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XDry Intros Process Audit Tool

Las Vegas, NV — Leading the way towards more sophisticated data logging and analysis, XDry is introducing XDry M.O.L.E., a new process audit tool for its line of ultra-low humidity desiccant dry cabinets. XDry M.O.L.E., based on the V-M.O.L.E.® from ECD, adds a new dimension to recording and reporting ...
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Seica Combines FlyScan with Boundary Scan

Strambino, Italy — Seica, in partnership with Temento Systems, has developed the FlyScan module as a new approach to the integration of the boundary scan technique and flying probe test systems. Today, the innovative FlyScan is available as part of the complete line of Pilot/Aerial flying probe testers ...
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Schleuniger: Creating Clean Cross-Sectional Views

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger's new MicroGraph System with a combined saw-polish process and innovative electrolyte staining technology creates high-quality cross-sectional views in a fraction of the time needed with conventional methods.
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OGP Intros Contour Projector

Rochester, NY — Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP®) is introducing the new Focus Advance 16-in. Horizontal Contour Projector®, a state-of-the-art optical comparator. The new unit is a premium benchtop comparator offering numerous technology firsts and innovative features.
Like other members of the Focus product line, Focus Advance uses innovative all-LED TruLight illumination, a world-first use...

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Hemco Modular Clean Rooms with Environmental Controls

Independence, MO — Hemco's ModuLab is a custom-designed enclosure with control systems that meet a variety of environmental and class clean requirements. It is the appropriate choice for laboratory and industrial applications such as Cleanrooms, C.M.M. Rooms, Walk-in Mini Labs, Pilot Plant, Hazardous ...
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Goepel Integrates JTAG into Polar Flying Prober

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic and Polar Instruments have jointly developed a next-generation JTAG/Boundary Scan option for the Flying Prober series. The solution is based on a full integration of the hardware architectures ScanBooster® and SCANFLEX® in combination with the JTAG/Boundary Scan system ...
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Express Boundary-Scan from JTAG Technologies

Stevensville, MD — JTAG Technologies has added to its line of high-performance boundary-scan IEEE Std. 1149.1 controllers. Known as the DataBlaster JT 37x7/PCIe, the new unit offers support for the now popular PCI-express slot format found extensively in today's PCs. The PCIe bus is a high-speed serial replacement ...
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Anver: ESD-Safe Suction Cups

Hudson, MA — A full line of ESD-safe vacuum suction cups for EOAT (end of arm tooling) used in the assembly and manufacture of a wide range of electronic devices is available from Anver Corp.
The Nomastat ESD Vacuum Suction Cups have a 97 KΩ*cm @500V static dissipating value and are molded from a proprietary elastomer that can withstand up to 400°F. Designed for EOAT...

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Aeroflex Developing PXI Test Solution Phone Chips

Stevenage, UK — Aeroflex will deliver a non-signaling PXI solution customized for RF production line test of Infineon's second-generation ultra low-cost mobile phone platform. The solution, based on the Aeroflex PXI 3000 Series, will test Infineon's second-generation ultra low-cost chipset (X-GOLD ...
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Acculogic Intros Updated IEEE Support

Woburn, MA — Acculogic Manufacturing Test Systems Division has released the latest version of ScanNavigator software that offers full support for IEEE1149.6, an extension to IEEE1149.1 standard. ScanNavigator software comprises a suite of powerful tools for boundary-scan testing and programming based on ...
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Renishaw Releases New Inspection Software Version

Hoffman Estates, IL — Renishaw is introducing a new version of its OMV Pro software that includes more advanced co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) style capabilities with an extended range of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) functionality, plus the ability to work with multiple alignments ...
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Omron: Cost-Saving PCB Inspection Solutions

Schaumburg, IL — Omron Electronics LLC's VP 6000 is a 3-dimensional solder paste inspection system that is capable of inspecting 100 percent of solder paste deposition at in-line speeds. Utilizing structured light to perform 3D inspections and its special method of automatically adjusting the Z-Axis ...
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