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Rommel: Basic Automation Cabinet
Publication Date: 6/3/2010

Roding, Germany — Rommel GmbH has introduced a new basic automation cabinet, the WL 3000. The cabinet is very flexible because of its use of standardization and a modular setup. Process modules that can be integrated are: laser, labeling, dispensing and encapsulation, assembling, UV-curing and ICT ...
Aeroflex Adds 8GHz Gen to Spectrum Analyzers
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Plainview, NY — Small, low cost, and lightweight, the Aeroflex 3250 Series spectrum analyzers now include an optional 8GHz tracking generator. Suitable for any kind of bench or lab environment, the new tracking generator has a frequency range of 100kHz to 8GHz and a level range from 0dB down to ...
American Bright Intros 2G Solid-State Lamps
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Chino, CA — American Bright Lighting, Inc. has introduced its patent-pending, second-generation SimpleTube LED replacement lamps capable of replacing inefficient T-8 fluorescent tubes in large-scale retail refrigerators and freezers. The improved series offers up to 79 percent power savings over ...
APS Intros Wall or Desktop Supplies
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Pleasanton, CA — Advanced Power Solutions (APS) has launched a new line of external power supplies in 40/50/60 watts available in 3 different packages: wallmount with detachable AC plugs; desktop with 2-prong AC inlet; or desktop with 3-prong AC inlet.
ASI Intros New Circuit Breaker Line
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Mechanicsburg, PA — Automation Systems Interconnect has introduced a new panel- and screw-mount circuit breaker line. The circuit breakers are UL489A and UL1077 recognized. These hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers are available in AC and DC trip curves. The hydraulic magnetic overload technology ...
Beckhoff Intros Ultra-Compact Industrial PC
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Minneapolis, MN — Beckhoff Automation LLC has introduced the new C6930 IPC, suitable for demanding industrial automation applications where compact devices are a must. The new industrial computer includes a 3+-in. motherboard designed for powerful Intel® Core Duo or Core 2 Duo processors and ...
Diversified Technologies Intros 200kW Switcher
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Bedford, MA — A fully integrated, compact power supply that essentially puts a "room full of power" into one 24-in. rack and provides low ripple and low stored energy, is available from Diversified Technologies, Inc.
Electro-Mech: Switch Pot Saves Space
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

South El Monte, CA — Electro-Mech's new SW44687 potentiometer switch assembly offers both rotary and push-on functionality for maximum operation control. The compact all-in-one unit saves valuable panel space in applications where there are tight design limitations.
Epson Toyocom Intros Smallest 6-Axis Sensor
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

El Segundo, CA — Epson Toyocom Corporation's U.S.-based Timing Products Division has introduced the AH-6100LR, calling it the world's smallest 6-axis sensor. This low-noise, low-power product comprises a 3-axis QMEMS1 quartz gyro-sensor and an extremely stable 3-axis accelerometer within a single ...
FDK Intros Voltage Regulator Modules
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

San Jose, CA — FDK Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section: Code 6955), has introduced its VR Series of voltage regulator modules (VRM) with the FPVR12CR50130PA DC-DC converter. Designed to meet the power needs of high-end microprocessors and related devices in servers, workstations, supercomputers ...
Fluke Enhances Bench Digital Multimeters
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Everett, WA — Fluke Corporation has released enhancements to its bench digital multimeters. The Fluke 8808A 5.5 digit Digital Multimeter and the 8845A/8846A 6.5 digit multimeters will now include a USB-to-RS-232 cable adapter as well as FlukeView Forms Basic software. In addition, the company has ...
Fujipoly: High-Performance Thermal Putty
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly has introduced its highest performance thermal interface silicone putty. SARCON® XR-Um-Al is a specially formulated gap-filler compound that has a putty-like consistency. This physical property contributes to the material's extremely low contact and thermal resistance while ...
Gowanda Intros SMT Power Inductors
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Gowanda, NY — Gowanda Electronics has introduced a new surface mount inductor series, the SMP1210S, which combines high current, shielding and small size with inductance values from 1.0 to 100µH and DC current ratings from 205 to 1384mA.
Programmable Linear Actuator from Haydon Kerk
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Waterbury, CT — Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is introducing its RoHS-compliant IDEA non-captive programmable linear actuator. In addition to full programmability through an easy-to-use graphic user interface, the non-captive actuator configuration is capable of up to 20-in. of stroke length with ...
IRC: 7kW Thick Film Power Resistors
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Boone, NC — IRC's WDBR Series consists of planar thick-film resistors that can carry surge power ratings up to 7kW and have a steel substrate that provides direct transfer of thermal energy to an external heat sink.
Ironwood Intros Universal Hi-Perf. BGA Socket
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Burnsville, MN — Ironwood Electronics has introduced a new high-performance universal BGA socket for 0.8mm pitch DDR2 and DDR3 packages. These devices come with many IC size variations ranging from 7.5mm to 15.5mm. The SG-BGA-6292 socket is designed to accommodate any of those package sizes and operates ...
Custom Medical Cable Assemblies from JEM
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Franklin, MA — Custom medical cabling for inside- and outside-the-box instrumentation, equipment, and monitoring devices is available from JEM Electronics Inc. These custom medical cable assemblies are manufactured to specification for a wide range of applications including diagnostics imaging equipment ...
Vibration Isolation from Kinetic Systems
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Boston, MA — A new lightweight benchtop vibration isolation system has been introduced by Kinetic Systems, Inc. Specifically designed for portability, the ELpF can be easily repositioned on the benchtop, even with a load and in float. The unit's unusual self-contained design allows such repositioning ...
24V Machine Vision Lights from LDD
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Milford, NH — The Machine Vision Lighting line from now includes numerous models designed for 24VDC power. These new models can both simplify integration and reduce cost when integrating lighting into systems with existing 24VDC power by eliminating the need for additional power supplies ...
EMI Ferrite Catalog from Leader Tech
Publication Date: 5/7/2010

Tampa, FL — Leader Tech has released a new FerriShield Ferrite product catalog and engineer's reference guide. Available in both electronic and print formats, the catalog provides valuable insider tips and performance data for thousands of solid and bisected ferrite styles.
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