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Step Motor Drivers from Applied Motion
Publication Date: 5/4/2011

Watsonville, CA — Applied Motion Products is introducing the STAC5 step motor driver. The driver provides up to 5 amps per phase from a high bus voltage with sophisticated current control, delivering high torque over a broad range of speeds. An advanced anti-resonance algorithm with electronic damping ...
B&R: CNC Package for Machine Tool Manufacturing
Publication Date: 5/4/2011

Roswell, GA — B&R Industrial Automaton is now producing standardized system modules for CNC machines. This allows users to utilize the new CNC standard package and profit from numerous functions that are found on all CNC machines. Consisting of hardware components, all necessary software functions ...
Low Profile Incline Conveyor from Safe Conveyor
Publication Date: 5/4/2011

Swansea, MA — A plastic belt modular incline conveyor that provides adjustable angles up to 60° is being introduced by Safe Conveyor, Inc. This low-profile Modular Plastic Belt Incline Conveyor provides product transfers from under equipment to containers as high as 43-in.(1.1m) — high enough ...
Sapient: Monitoring System for Horizontal Carousels
Publication Date: 5/4/2011

Doylestown, PA — Sapient Automation's new Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring (IMHM) system is designed to remotely check horizontal carousel systems minute-to-minute, allowing the company's COP (Customer One Protection) Service Group to respond prior to failure. IMHM is standard and free on all ...
Rugged Handheld Computer Line from Two Technologies
Publication Date: 3/31/2011

Horsham, PA — Two Technologies, Inc.® has introduced the HANDGEAR (HG) line of handheld computers. The new product is available in four models which encompass a wide range of standard and optional features. IP67 rated for protection against dust and water, HG is especially suitable for outdoor use ...
Rexroth Expands GoTo Fast Delivery Program
Publication Date: 3/31/2011

Hoffman Estates, IL — Rexroth has added 526 part numbers, which brings the total number of parts in the GoTo program to 2,747 — an increase of 122 percent from the initial 1,200 parts in the program at its original launch. The inclusion of many configurable parts expands the offering further with ...
New Creform Z Container Carts
Publication Date: 3/31/2011

Greer, SC — Creform Corporation has introduced a new concept in carts for in-plant handling of totes and parts containers. The carts can be built to hold just about any size tote or container while ergonomically presenting their contents well off the floor at a comfortable picking height. Containers ...
Kardex Remstar VLM Saves 80% Floor Space
Publication Date: 4/4/2011

Westbrook, ME — Kardex Remstar is introducing the new Element® Vertical Lift Module (VLM) providing storage density and simplicity for electronic applications at an affordable cost. The Element VLM provides increased storage density with a simplistic and flexible design.
Sapient Intros Avenger Vertical Carousel
Publication Date: 2/4/2011

Doylestown, PA — Sapient Automation has introduced its new Avenger Vertical Carousel. The unit unveils a new arm design (patent pending), which eliminates the number one historical failure point of such machines. The Avenger uses a double-reinforced arm and forging assembly that attaches to the chain ...
Creform Improves Standard BST AGV Tugger
Publication Date: 2/4/2011

Greer, SC — Creform Corporation has made several improvements to its Standard BST AGV Tugger. The company's BST AGV drive units follow a magnetic tape guidepath and function as automated tuggers. The units drive under a stationary cart equipped with a BST hitch, extend a tow pin into the hitch and ...
Beckhoff Expands Control Panel and Panel PC Series
Publication Date: 2/17/2011

Minneapolis, MN — Beckhoff Automation has extended its Control Panel and Panel PC series with a larger 24-in. TFT display. The new widescreen display, with its high resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, is suitable for complex, graphical user interfaces and for information that must be visible from a ...
Compact Touch Probe from Heidenhain
Publication Date: 12/7/2010

Schaumburg, IL — With the introduction of the new TS 249, Heidenhain offers an extremely compact touch probe primarily for use in NC-controlled grinding machines and lathes. This small device is based on the company's well proven sensor technology, providing immediate connection to all common control ...
Marsh Bellofram Intros Servo Pressure Regulators
Publication Date: 12/7/2010

Newell, WV — The Precision Controls Division (PCD) of Marsh Bellofram Corporation has introduced its Type 3110 and 3120 series of single- (3110) and double-loop (3120) electro-pneumatic analog circuit-card servo pressure transducers. The transducers are designed to provide compact, high-performance ...
Schunk: Multiple Part-Clamping Vise
Publication Date: 10/21/2010

Morrisville, NC — Schunk's KONTEC KSM vise helps to considerably increase efficiency in production and non-production applications with its multiple part-clamping features where several workpieces of the same size or different sizes can be held at the same time.
FlexLink Improves Lead Time for Assembly Line Modules
Publication Date: 10/21/2010

Allentown, PA — FlexLink's supply division has made a significant reduction in lead time of standard XT assembly line modules to satisfy customer requirements.
Jet Edge: Precision Water Jet Cutting System
Publication Date: 10/21/2010

St. Michael, MN — Jet Edge, Inc.'s Mid Rail Gantry Waterjet System is reportedly capable of producing complex parts out of virtually any material. The gantry has an exposed tank that easily accommodates overhead loading. It comes standard with one abrasive jet cutting head; a second cutting head ...
JPSA Intros LED Automation Platform
Publication Date: 10/21/2010

Manchester, NH — J P Sercel Associates (JPSA) is now shipping worldwide its new Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) to semiconductor and LED manufacturers. The IAP is a high-volume production robot dedicated to providing uninterrupted processing of wafers, which lowers LED manufacturing costs.
KardexRemstar Intros Automated Drawer Carousel
Publication Date: 10/21/2010

Westbrook, ME — The new KardexRemstar automated drawer carousel can provide more storage locations in less floor space for up to 20 percent lower cost when compared to standard drawer cabinets in electronics applications. The automated drawer carousel increases part density, thereby replacing 25 ...
Schunk: Economic High-Precision Toolholder
Publication Date: 6/3/2010

Morrisville, NC — The high-precision TENDO-E hydraulic expansion toolholder from Schunk meets the highest demands of quality in metal-cutting. It provides the perfect combination of performance and value, along with excellent run-out accuracy <0.005mm (0.0002-in.) and vibration dampening. This results in longer tool life, high workpiece quality, and minimum stress on ...
Asahi Intros New Electromni Actuator
Publication Date: 6/3/2010

Malden, MA — Asahi/America Inc. is introducing its new Series 83A Electromni actuator for ball valves. The predecessor Series 83 has been the actuator of choice for small quarter-turn ball valves since 1983; the new series maintains the Series 83's original look while improving on its quality, design ...
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