Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Quail Electronics launches new line of color-coded networking cords and heavy-duty IEC cords

Quail Electronics, Inc. ® is a leading supplier of power cords for the OEM market. We specialize in power cords for the medical, networking, and OEM industries, and provide fast and reliable customer service.
Our new product line includes color-coded networking cords and heavy-duty IEC cords, offered in a variety of lengths and colors to make your server area cleaner and more accessible. Distinguish between power sources by choosing either our red, blue, or green cords so that a simple

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Solder Preform Terminals from AIC

West Warwick, RI — Solder preform terminals from Advanced Interconnections Corp. reduce assembly costs by eliminating time-consuming steps in PC board processing. In mixed through-hole and SMT applications, incorporating a solder preform directly on the socket terminal enables use of the existing or  traditional stencil design, without over-printing, to provide reliable solder joints.

The solder preform provides a predictable percent of fill and eliminates extra processing

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Anderson Power Expands Connector Line

Sterling, MA — Anderson Power Products® has expanded its 4-position SPEC Pak family of products to include an Inline Receptacle. The 4 position SPEC Pak connector series now includes the Inline Receptacle, Panel Mount Receptacle and Plug for wire-to-wire and wire-to-panel applications. This IP ...

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Binder M8 Connectors Now Overmolded

Camarillo, CA — Binder-USA has made a recent design improvement to its M8 overmolded connectors. The M8 sensor connectors now include a knurled and hex locking nut. By incorporating this new feature, the connector can be tightened with a torque wrench to ensure proper mating of the connecting system ...
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BTC Now Offers Hi-Rel Value-Added Connectors

Wake Forest, NC — BTC Electronic Components, Inc. (BTC), an authorized, stocking and value-added assembly distributor, is now performing in-house assembly of the J-Tech/Conesys EN2997 K, KE, S and SE classes of stainless steel firewall and high temperature firewall connectors. BTC will stock the components ...
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High Flex Silicone Cables from Cicoil

Valencia, CA — Cicoil now offers standard off-the-shelf flexible flat silicone cables and assemblies and custom-made cables for high performance medical automation, diagnostics and pharmaceutical processing applications.
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Global Specialties Intros New Prototyping Adapters

Yorba Linda, CA — Global Specialties has released a series of five new high-end prototyping adapters, called the GSPA series. Included are a variety of PLCC and SOP to DIP adapter packages, which are built to provide maximum surface contact for years of reliable use. The GSPA adapters are excellent ...
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ISI: Adapters to Replace Obsolete ICs

Camarillo, CA — Interconnect Systems, Inc. (ISI) provides footprint-conversion adapters to enable the use of newer, or more readily available ICs. The company can convert any replacement-component footprint to any legacy footprint. It provides on-shore design and manufacturing resources can provide cost-effective ...
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Hi-Perf BGA Socket from Ironwood

Burnsville, MN — Ironwood Electronics has introduced a new high performance BGA socket for 0.4mm pitch 221 ball BGA, the SG-BGA7162. The socket operates at bandwidths up to 10GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss. The contact resistance is typically 20 milliohms per I/O.
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Samtec's New Press Fit Terminals & Sockets

New Albany, IN — Samtec has expanded its line of Flexible Stacking solutions with Press Fit versions of its 0.100-in. Pitch Square Post Terminals and Sockets. The new 0.025-in. (0.64mm) Square Post Press Fit Terminals and Sockets (PHT and PHF Series) are available in single- or double-row designs ...
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Tyco Intros Flexiscreen Backshell Shielding

Harrisburg, PA — Tyco Electronics (TE) is introducing a new high-performance family of backshells called FlexiScreen, designed to provide a lightweight solution for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) protection for both commercial and military applications.
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Schleuniger: Programmable Wire Stripper

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger's UniStrip 2300 Programmable Stripping Machine does not require any mechanical adjustments to process different wire sizes. Using the color touchscreen interface, the user selects the desired wire size from the pre-programmed library and all parameters (cutting diameter ...
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Next-Gen Molex Sealed Modular Connectors

Lisle, IL — Building on the success of its CMC connection system, Molex Inc. is introducing its second generation sealed, hybrid, high-density and modular connector system. The CMX family uses a new CTX terminal system with a fully protected seal to deliver the ultimate in sealing performance.  ...

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OCC Intros Pre-Terminated Protocol Options

Roanoke, VA — Optical Cable Corporation (OCC®) has introduced QuadBox, a 4-channel pre-terminated copper solution, designed to offer multiple category and construction options, with a wide range of transmission rates for data center applications.

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Radiall: Innovative Connector Contact Design

Chandler, AZ — The new Radiall NSX series Size 22 socket contact helps reduce the cost of ARINC 600 connectors. Because of the large number of contacts in many ARINC 600 connectors, any reduction in contact costs can significantly affect the overall connector costs.

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Siemon Intros LC Fiber Optic Adapter Lock

Watertown, CT — Siemon has introduced its LockIT LC optical fiber adapter lock, in addition to the company's line of secure network connectivity. The new, tamper-proof adapter lock protects against unauthorized access to unused LC ports. The adapter locks require no special connectivity and can be ...

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Tyco Splice Seals Without Heat or Tapes

Harrisburg, PA — A new cold-applied splice from Tyco Electronics provides both wire termination and environmental sealing in a single step. Sealing is provided without the need for adhesives, tapes, grommets or other methods traditionally used in aerospace and defense applications. Because no heat is ...

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2E: IGBT Connector Modules

Millis, MA — IGBT Modules from 2E Syscom connect to PCBs with cable assemblies and 2E connectors. The IGBT connectors and cable assemblies are designed specifically for attaching to the spade terminals on IGBT modules. These are used to connect the IGBT power modules to a printed circuit board. ...

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Binder Connectors Now Accept Larger Cables

Camarillo, CA — Binder-USA has expanded its line of RD24 Series 692 and 693 right-angle connectors with the addition of PG11 and PG 13.5 cable outlets. The male and female cable connectors can now accept cables with an OD of 8 to 12mm. The RD24 connectors are especially suited for industrial power applications ...

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Alpha-Core Intros Power Cables for Pulsed Lasers

Shelton, CT — Alpha-Core division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group, Inc. has developed a flat power cable for pulsed laser applications where high power pulses must be transmitted with extremely low impedance without distortion. Applications include military products such as range finding, targeting and ...

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