Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Compact Hi Freq VCXO from NDK

Belvidere, IL — NDK (Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.) is introducing the NV7050SA high frequency series, an SMD VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator). The VCXO uses proprietary high frequency fundamental mode crystals and is able to obtain frequencies of 700MHz (available in a range of 170 to ...
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Opto Diode Intros 30-Die IR LED Array

Newbury Park, CA — Opto Diode Corporation has developed the first in a series of high-power LED arrays, the OD-850-30-030. The new 30-die near-infrared (NIR) LED array delivers more efficient operation and higher power with a narrow beam angle of 30°. The device has a peak wavelength of 850nm ...

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Orion: Fan Guards and Screens

Dallas, TX — Orion Fans now offers a complete line of wire mesh, plastic, louvered, push-on, metal and filtered fan guards and kits, providing design engineers with multiple guard options when evaluating fans for their specific applications.
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Radicom Intros Serial-to-Ethernet Module

San Jose, CA — Radicom Research, Inc. has launched its LSHM- 200 Serial-to-Ethernet Modules for Embedded System Applications. The new module represents a breakthrough in both thermal capacity and size, all at a price point suitable for today's challenging economic environment.

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Tecate: Quick-Turn Ultracapacitor Modules

San Diego, CA — Tecate Group is offering quick-turnaround availability of custom ultracapacitor modules expressly engineered to accelerate the development of military ground-mobile, sea, and airborne products and systems. The company's customization capabilities, including the use of SolidWorks® 3D ...
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Precision MIL-Grade Resistors from TT/IRC

Corpus Christi, TX — TT electronics IRC has expanded its family of military-qualified thin film chip resistors. The PFC Series precision chip resistors now include a 0402 package size qualified to MIL-PRF-55342 specifications.
The PFC Series thin film precision chip resistors meet all E, H, K and M MIL-PRF-55342 characteristics...

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Weidmuller: Updated & Improved RailDesigner

Richmond, VA — Weidmuller has released its RailDesigner 5.0 software for selecting, planning and ordering custom designed DIN- rail assemblies. The existing features of RailDesigner, combined with the new improvements in version 5.0, provide users the most comprehensive environment to design a custom ...
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Alpha-Core Intros New Amorphous Magnetic C-Cores

Shelton, CT — Alpha-Core, a division of Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc., is introducing a new line of Magnetic Amorphous C-Cores. With superior magnetic properties, Amorphous Cores offer several advantages over cores made of Silicon Steel, Ferrite and Powdered Iron, such as almost 50 percent size ...

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Desco Intros ESD Labels

Chino, CA — Desco is introducing ESD Susceptibility Labels in a new Integrated Dispenser — item 06735. The labels are 2 x 2-in. with ESD Susceptibility RS-471 Symbol, with 1,000 labels on the roll.

The labels are used to identify assemblies and devices that are sensitive to ESD events. They can be used to close  ...

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Magid Intros Jumbo Size Ear Plugs

Chicago, IL — Magid Glove & Safety has introduced Magid® E2® IHP932J and IHP932CJ Jumbo-Sized, Uncorded and Corded Disposable Earplugs. Made from soft, hypo-allergenic polyurethane foam, the earplugs provide a high noise reduction rating (NRR) of 32dB.
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Multi-Seals: Flexible Adhesive Preforms

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals, Inc. has introduced an innovative alternative to liquid adhesives for component assembly. Multi-Seals F05 Poly-forms® are flexible pre-shaped adhesives designed for bonding diverse materials, including metals, plastics, and glass.
According to the company, F05 has negligible vertical flow, which ...

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PEM Intros Threaded Micro-Standoffs

Road, Danboro, PA — New PEM® micro self-clinching standoff fasteners are designed for spacing or stacking applications in compact electronic assemblies. These micro standoffs can serve as practical, cost-effective, and permanently secure solutions enabling quicker assembly of devices ranging from ...
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Photo-Etched Medical Tungsten from Tech-Etch

Plymouth, MA — Tech-Etch specializes in the photo chemical etching of tungsten. Because tungsten is extremely dense, 71 percent heavier than lead, it is used in medical applications, which include grids used to collimate and attenuate stray x-rays in CT scanners, as well as ID tags used in implanted ...
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AVX Expands Mini Varistor Line

Myrtle Beach, SC — AVX Corporation has expanded its miniature TransGuard 0201 Series multilayer varistor (MLV) line to include 125pF and 150pF versions. The company's TransGuard 0201 Series now provides the broadest capacitance range of any miniature MLV on the market, ranging from 10pF to 150pF ...
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Keystone: New 2010 Product Supplement

Astoria, NY — More than 125 new products designed for use with the latest technologies for SMT or THM applications, are featured in a new multi-colored, 16-page supplement published by Keystone Electronics Corp.
The publication explores an expanded selection of battery hardware; contacts, clips, holders and retainers...

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StratEdge Intros SMT Packages

San Diego, CA — StratEdge is introducing a new family of fully hermetic, low-profile, leadless surface mount (SMT) packages with improved electrical performance. The SM family of packages fits aerospace, avionics, automotive, and telecom industry applications and is especially suited for LEDs, MEMS ...
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TT/IRC Develops Low R Chip Resistor

Corpus Christi, TX — TT electronics IRC has developed a highly stable low resistance chip resistor — a high power, low resistance device for current sensing applications. Designated the LRF3W-MIL Series, the chip resistors utilize high reliability thick film materials and are available with screening ...
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Tiny DC Cooling Fan from Cooltron

Walnut, CA — Cooltron has unveiled its newest equipment cooling fan, a lightweight, slim, tiny fan that measures 15 x 15 x 6mm. The fan is described as the smallest, thinnest, and the lowest-powered of fans in its size category.
The fan is powered by 4 to 6VDC at 0.04 to 0.06amp (rated voltage 5V) at a speed of 8,000 to 13,000 rpm...

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Gowanda Intros New QPL RF Inductor

Gowanda, NY — Gowanda Electronics has introduced QPL military-approved RF inductors, the MLRF1010 Series, in response to the market need for MIL-PRF-83446/04 components.
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Phoenix Contact: Nanoline Controller Modem

Middletown, PA — With the introduction of a GSM modem, Phoenix Contact's Nanoline controller can now provide easy control capability via text message from virtually anywhere in the world. The modem uses the Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communication network, the same network that supports cellular ...
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