Thursday, June 21, 2018
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BI Technologies Offers Custom High-Rel Resistor Networks

Fullerton, CA — TT electronics BI Technologies has introduced a series of custom thin film resistor networks in hermetically-sealed metal or HTCC (high-temperature cofired ceramic) packages. Designated the Model 144 Series, these high-reliability resistor networks can be specified with custom schematics ...
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TYCO Intros Reflow Compatible Thermal Protection Products

Menlo Park, CA — Tyco Electronics has introduced a breakthrough technology that allows manufacturers to include surface-mountable thermal protection in their standard RoHS-compliant reflow assembly process. Manufacturers can realize significant savings by moving from hand assembly to cost-efficient ...
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FDK Intros Low Input Mini POL Converters

San Jose, CA and Tokyo, Japan — FDK Corporation has extended its DK Series of non-isolated, point-of-load (POL) DC-DC converters with the addition of three new converters that operate from a 3.0VDC to 5.5VDC input bus.
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Variable Diameter Cable Ferrite from FerriShield

Tampa, FL — To enhance final assembly flexibility and maximize RF suppression, Leader Tech has introduced a variable diameter, bisected FerriShield Ferrite for applications that operate between 10MHz and 1GHz. The ferrites provide one of the easiest ways to mitigate unwanted RFI/EMI interference ...
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IQD: MEMS Oscillators at Reduced Lead Times

Somerset, UK — IQD has introduced a newly developed high frequency MEMS oscillator. The new IQMS-900 series MEMS oscillator is available in a wide frequency range from 1MHz up to 800MHz. The new model can be factory programmed with either a LVDS (low voltage differential source) or LVPECL (low voltage ...
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Laird: New Removable Top Board-Level Shield

St. Louis, MO — Laird Technologies has introduced its new removable top board-level shield (BLS) called ReCovr. According to the company, the product is the only one of its kind on the market offering this proprietary and patented (US Patent 7504592, Korea Patent 10-0898026, Patents Pending: ...
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EI: LCP Laminates for MIL and Med Use

Endicott, NY — Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. has added LCP Laminates to its family of microelectronics packaging product offerings. Custom designed LCP Laminates are suitable for semiconductor packages as LCP coreless designs for up to 6 layers as well as in combination with other rigid ...

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AVX: First 50V Tantalum Polymer Capacitors

Greenville, SC — AVX Corporation has expanded its TCJ SMD polymer tantalum capacitor series to include the industry's first 1µF/50V and 10µF/35V devices. The new polymer capacitors are suitable for continuous operation with just 20 percent voltage derating.
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Bud Intros Fan Tray for 19-Inch Rack

Cleveland OH — Bud Industries, Inc. has introduced a 19-in. fan tray assembly that comes completely assembled with fans and ready to use. One of many 19-in. rack accessories from the company, it is supplied with an unusual digital temperature controller. Just attach the four rack mounting-brackets ...
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Cornell Dubilier: New Power Capacitor Catalog

Liberty, SC — Cornell Dubilier's new catalog presents the company's high-performance capacitors for power electronics with special emphasis on power film capacitors and high-voltage screw terminal and snap-in aluminum electrolytics. Within the 244 full-color glossy catalog pages are the special capacitors ...
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Interstate: Die-Cut Flame-Retardant Insulation

Sutton, MA — Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. is introducing custom die-cut electrically insulated parts that provide high dielectric strength, are flame retardant per UL94V-0, and are RoHS-compliant.
The electrical insulations are digitally die cut from ITW Formex® GK which is a flame retardant polypropylene material that provides a high ...

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Jaro: Extreme RPM Fan

Boca Raton, FL — Jaro's new 40 x 15mm AG4015 series of fans rotate at an ultra-fast 15,000 RPM, while producing an unprecedented 21 CFM (595 liters/min). This high performance level is due to a special impeller design, producing a previously unattainable performance for a fan of this size.
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New 01005 Size Chip Resistor from KOA Speer

Bradford, PA — KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. is introducing a new smaller sized, precision surface mount resistor with 1 percent tolerance designed to meet the continuing demand for miniature components for portable devices.
The new 01005-RK73H1F device, measuring 0.4 x 0.2 x 0.1mm (0.0157 x 0.00787 x 0.00394-in.), is ...

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Leader Tech: Modular RF Shields

Tampa, FL — Leader Tech's Slot-Lok circuit board shields offer an excellent solution for manufacturers who need a flexible, low-cost shielding option that can fit seamlessly within an established footprint. This has become necessary because as higher power wireless processors are added to existing ...
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Halogen-Free Flex Preforms from Multi-Seals

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals Inc. has introduced a flexible preform adhesive that meets the International Electrochemical Commission's halogen-free requirements (IEC 61249-2-21). The F08 Poly-form supports electronics manufacturing efforts to reduce chlorine and bromine levels in component assemblies ...
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Pulse Offers Low Pass RF Filter for MoCA

San Diego, CA — Pulse Electronics Corp. has introduced a new point-of-entry RF filter module for multimedia over coax (MoCA) applications. The standalone CX5060 filter passes cable television (CATV) Docsis 3.0 signals, blocks MoCA signals, and provides RFI shielding and surge protection within a ...
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Stahlin Enclosures Granted UL 1741 Certification

Belding, MI — Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures has been granted UL1741 Certification. The UL1741 standard, entitled "Distributed Generation Power Systems Accessory Equipment", is an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standard essential to product safety and reliability issues within the distributed generation market ...
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Tecate: New Ultracapacitor Modules

San Diego, CA — Tecate Group has added PBM Ultracapacitor Modules to its PowerBurst® Ultracapacitor Series. Engineered to enable the quick proof of concept when evaluating ultracapacitor-based solutions, the 18 new Modules use Maxwell Technologies' BoostCap® 650F or 3000F ultracapacitor cells ...
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TT/IRC Diode Arrays Suppress Transients

Corpus Christi, TX — TT electronics IRC has developed a comprehensive series of IEC-compatible TVS diode arrays in 8-, 14- or 16-pin SOIC-N and SOT-23 surface mount packages. Available in unidirectional and bidirectional versions, the diode arrays are capable of ESD protection of <40kV and carry ...
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ASI: Fast Economy Wire Labeling System

Mechanicsburg, PA — Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. has introduced its Rolly2000, an all-new, high-speed desktop thermal printer for wire markers and all types of industrial labels. The Rolly2000 has been designed for volume printing of wire markers and adhesive labels. In less than two minutes ...
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